Best Solar Pool Heater Review in 2021 – Top Brands Reviewed

When it comes to the choice of the most inexpensive heating mechanism available out there for swimming pools, solar pool heaters name undoubtedly comes to mind. It works as well as another heat pump.

The only difference it has to others is the exposure to the sun. If it’s sunny it will work wonders but in overcast conditions, its working efficiency goes down significantly.

These solar heaters absorb the energy from the sun and convert it to energy to keep the pools at a certain temperature that is good for swimming

Water in the pool is pumped through filters which are present on the top of the side of the pool. Water passes through them. They are similar to normal solar panels. And there are pipelined around the bottom that makes the water warm

There is a flow controlling valve that gives you a lot of ease and feasibility. There are sensors in the pool which control the temperature when you set it at a certain temperature.

The temperature auto-adjust itself as well as the flow due to these sensors. When the pool water gets cold this device diverts water toward the sensors to warm it automatically.

When the water gets extra warm it stops the flow to balance the water temperature. This way the temperature and flow remain constant according to your desired settings.

A lot of economical and eco-friendly options are available in the solar panel market. One of the best things about solar panels is that they are a great cost-effective option.

Some heaters works on gas and some on electricity both of them are very expensive in comparison to the solar panel. Solar panels save a lot of money and give you a pocket-friendly option.

1. Game 4721-BB Solar Pro Curve

Game 4721-BB Solar Pro CurveMajority feature  

  • No bypass valve required for pumps up to 1.5HP
  • Curve shaped solar collector
  • Adjustable legs included

Majority specifications

  • Increases temperature up to 5° for 8000 gallons
  • Up to 19 gallons per minute direct flow
  • Dimensions: 27.6×5.9×44.9 inches

When it comes to the design and durability of solar pool heaters, Game 4721 is your best pick. This piece of equipment has legs to brace it and the exposure is maximized by its curvy design. You don’t need any racks to place it

The design of this heater is for sunlight intake that will help the heater to absorb maximum sunlight and as result works great and warms our pools

This is designed for above-ground and most in-ground pools. Its phenomenon is that it gradually heats up the pool. For around 8000 gallons of the pool, it increases the temperature by 5 degrees over the period of 4 days

This way it increases the length of your season. This system is made from index pools specifically and it contains a small panel that’s capable of heating up very quickly and heats up the pool with the lowest carbon footprint.

This system is designed for maximum energy efficiency. It contains curling tubes. The reason for the curling tube is that it absorbs Sun’s heat in a very timely manner

It has very smart technology. This pool heater will reduce that heavy amount of bills you used to pay. It heats the pool so effortlessly. It is very easy in the pocket and you have to buy it once and it will be saving you a lot of money real quick.

It absorbs energy at the ascent and descent in the sky so even inches of this curve is used to absorb heat from the sun and in return warms your pool.

It’s built-in very solid plastic. Its size is 8 feet and weight is 25 pounds. It is easy to carry by a single person and perfect for your small gatherings.

These solar heaters have a lot of compatible connectors that will help you adjust the heater. They can get hooked up for larger in ground swimming pools

  • Small and compact design
  • Its curve shape collects sunlight efficiently
  • Cost-effective
  • Easily installed
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized pools
  • Eco-friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Its small size is not enough for the heating effect you need.


2. Xtreme Power the US

Xtreme Power the USMajority feature

  • Durable and lightweight polypropylene material
  • Suitable for 18 feet round pools and 350 sq. ft oval pools
  • Optimized heat transfer

Majority specifications

  • Solar heating collector 2 feet × 20 feet long
  • Temperature increase 10 to 15° above
  • Dimensions: 240×28×3 inches

Xtreme Power US is a provider of great solar heating system options for pools, especially in medium weather.

This solar heater is manufactured in such a way that it works for both in-ground and above-ground pools.  It is practically very suitable for both pools.

It is made of Lightweight, flexible polypropylene. Length of 20 feet and width of 2 feet, solar heating panels that collect a great amount of sunlight for effectively warm up the water in the pool.

The tube-like construction of these heat collecting panels gives them a large surface area that maximizes the absorption of sunlight and then transfers to your swimming pool.

This system can raise a swimming pool’s temperature by 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the solar irradiance value on the place of the pool and it works best with any type of pool pump.

The Xtreme power solar heater is built with high-class material that is very solid and bears all the harshness of extreme weather.

The heating system is made of around header that is 1.5 inch manifold with a rubber coupling.

This heating system gives great value for money. It is very reasonably priced. It saves you a lot of money from high electricity bills. It is undoubtedly the cheapest option for solar pool heaters in the market. It is an on-demand product.

The only issue with this system is that it is very small for huge sized in-ground swimming pools. But this can be solved by incorporating 2 Xtreme Power solar panels.

Above ground pools that are below 18 feet round case and 350 sq. ft oval case is most suited for Xtreme Power solar panels. A combination of 2 makes them strong enough for the larger pool area

We recommend this pool on its strength, performance longevity, and ease of its use

  • Very affordable
  • Super easy installation
  • The temperature rise of 10 to 15 degrees in a short amount of time
  • Versatile enough to get installed both above and underground with ease.
  • Comes with profit friendly price tag
  • Compatible with the existing pool pump
  • Not ideal for a large pool
  • It might require a diverter kit.


3. Game 4714 Solar PRO

Game 4714 Solar PROMajority features

  • Adjustable legs
  • Round shape solar collector
  • 5 HP pump with no need of bypass valve

Major specifications

  • Increase in temp by 5 degrees Fahrenheit for 10k gallons
  • 19 gallon per min rate flow
  • Dimensions 27.6×5.9×44.9 inches

The most innovative and different solution for your pool heating system is the round-shaped GAME 4714 Super Pro solar-powered pool heater.

This solar-powered Game 4714 is brilliant for both above and in-ground pools. Maximum sun exposure is assured by high-quality material used to make the round-shaped sun light-absorbing solar heater. It is fairly capable to survive the worst possible weather conditions.

This product carries the most amazing features. First and foremost the round-shaped contour solar pool is a key. It gives a maximum surface area to absorb all the sunlight as compared to flat surfaces of other products.

The other feature is the adjustable legs. You can move it around easily and tilt it in such a way that collector is at the right angle with the sun. This gives the collector an optimum chance to maximize its transfer of heat to the pool

A pool of 10000-gallon water gets warm gradually by 5 degrees Fahrenheit in 7 days. Fall & spring season extension of the pool is achieved this way. It is an eco-friendly device.

If your pool size is large and u have to incorporate multiple units.  You will need a bypass kit. It is compatible with pool pumps with 1.5 HP and lower.

It is one of the most cost-effective options on the whole list. It lessens the electricity bills and soon u will get this thing to pay for itself by saving you heavy expenses

  • Affordable
  • Foldable legs
  • Compatibility with most pool pumps
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Great price point
  • Unique dome design
  • Preferably for Intex pool
  • The heater is not cut out for large pools


4. Smart pool S601P Solar Pool Heater features

  • Molded headers have fiberglass reinforcements on them
  • Wind vent is a great feature to maintain heaters longevity
  • Heating Tubes maximized With a wider area

Majority specifications

  • Temperature differences of 10 to 15 degree Fahrenheit in less than a day
  • 4 feet wide and 20 feet long heating panels
  • 80 sq. ft area

Smart pool S601p is a great heating choice for both above-ground or in-ground pools. It is a very fast and effective solar pool heater that offers a great return on your investment

It is very cost-efficient heating equipment that saves you lots of electricity bills. Its solar panels have a huge surface area that helps absorb a lot of sunlight and that results in heating of the pool by 10 to 15 degree Fahrenheit in less than 24 hours

The design of this solar panel heater is unique and careful measures are taken to make it stand out amongst other solar heaters in the market. It is built with eco-friendly properties. Its solar panels are connected with the pool pump through purpose-built tunes.

One of the most prominent features of these solar panels is the fiberglass reinforcements that cover the over-molded headers perfectly. This feature gives the whole heater extreme durability. Now, these panels will last longer and provide the best heating no matter what harsh weather they face.

The installation of these panels is tricky so u need to add in professionals to do the job. It has interchangeable connectors another feature that adds value to this solar heating pool.

This facilitates the solar panels to be used in both in-ground and above-ground pools and the direct flow system is easier when you learn it once. Overall we are definitely impressed with its stellar performance and is one of the top recommendations

  • Interchangeable connectors
  • Eco friendly
  • Super efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • 10 to 15 degree Fahrenheit in 24 hours
  • Versatile enough for above and in-ground swimming pools
  • Passive operations
  • Tricky installation
  • Huge sized panels


5. Sun2Solar Ground Mounted Heating

Sun2Solar Ground Mounted HeatingMajority features

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Black polyolefin
  • 5-year warranty

Majority specifications

  • 2 feet width × 20 feel length
  • Raises around 10 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 40 sq. ft of solar heating mat

Sun2Solar is a great option for heating your swimming pools both in-ground and above. It is used to increase the temperature of the pool around 10 degrees Fahrenheit

It is one of the best sellers in the market. The air bubbles act as a magnifying glass. They collect and intensifies the heat from the sun and then transfer it to pool water to warm it up

You have to be in a place with great and consistent sun Light to make these work. As they are more of a heat-retaining phenomenon in working here. You should not rely solely on these covers for heating.

They are available in 25 different shapes and sizes and you will surely find the one for your pool and if it doesn’t fit. Cut it with sharp scissors as it will not affect the quality of its performance or its manufacturer’s warranty.

They can be purchased in 2 different colors blue and clear. Once you are done with your pool you should cover it to retain the heat that is made throughout the day.

If the water is still cold for your liking you can easily install another active warming solar panel for your ease and warmth.

As it is easy to install its best placement is on the rooftop. The sunlight is maximized this way and the absorption of heat into water is also optimal.

The heating panel is a great cover for your rooftop from rain and solar radiation. It keeps the moisture in and heats out of the house

  • For both in-ground and above ground swimming pools
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Looks fancy
  • Effective performance
  • Minimize water evaporation
  • Prone to dust
  • Wind messes it up


6. SunHeaters S120 Universal solar pool heaters

SunHeaters S120 Universal solar pool heatersMajority features

  • Durable and lightweight polypropylene material
  • Suitable for 31’ round or 18’ by 36’
  • Optimized heat transfer

Majority specifications

  • Solar heating collector 2 feet × 20 feet long
  • Temperature increase 6 to 10 degree Fahrenheit
  • 40 sq. ft area of the heating panel

SunHeaters S120U is a great pool heating option for getting warm pool water. This is flexible to be used for both above grounds or in-ground swimming pools.

It is a great eco-friendly option for pool heaters. It keeps your carbon footprint down.

Get ready to reduce your electricity bills. It is a great solar-charged option that absorbs all the energy from the sun and transmits it to the water making it warm to our liking.

The design of the solar panels is in such a way that it maximizes sunlight exposure making it very effective. This way it will save a lot of expense and give the optimized results.

It needs at least six hours of maximum sun Light to take its maximum effect. The longer it is exposed directly to the sun the more heat it will collect, and the more temperature it rises.

If it is not placed directly under straight sunlight it will not take its maximum effect. Temperature as a result go down immensely

It is compatible with all existing pumps just attach the heater and it will start working.

  • Relatively affordable
  • Compatibility with existing pools
  • Save electricity bills
  • Save extra parts costs
  • It is a DIY installation
  • It needs continual exposure to sunlight.


7. SunHeater Pool Heating System S240U

SunHeater Pool Heating System S240U Majority features  

  • Durable and lightweight polypropylene material
  • Suitable for 31 feet round pools or 18’ × 36’
  • Optimized heat transfer

Majority specifications

  • Solar heating collector 2 feet × 20 feet long
  • Temperature increase 6 degrees to 10° above
  • 40 sq. ft area of the heating panel

SunHeater S240U Solar Heater is another great option from SunHeater for a cost-effective and extremely efficient pool heating system. It works on the same phenomenon of absorbing the sunlight and using it to raise the pool temperature efficiently

Pool water passes through a panel that consists of many tubes that warms the water as they have absorbed the sunlight. The tube-web-tube design maximizes the absorption of sunlight.  The system makes 6 to 10-degree change in pool water that will help you using the pool for a longer season for weeks

It is a flexible design that can be used for both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. It works really well with your existing pump. It provides you a great value for money. Saves a lot of money on electricity bills plus it is an effective eco-friendly device

If you have space and money this can be a really good investment. It is pretty basic to install. It is a relatively large solar heater but it is very lightweight easy to carry by one person. It is very durable as it’s made it polyolefin that can last really long considering the external factors are favorable

  • Large panel, unique design allows maximum sunlight absorption
  • Compatible with all pumps
  • Eco friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • The versatility of in-ground and above ground pools
  • Tools included
  • Costly in comparison with other options
  • Need huge space either on top of roof or backyard.


8. Kokido keeps solar dome pool water heater

Kokido keeps solar dome pool water heaterMajority features

  • Durable round shaped panels
  • Suitable for 4000 gallons pools
  • Optimized heat transfer

Majority specifications

  • Solar heating collector Dome-shaped
  • Temperature increase 6 to 8 degree
  • Dimensions: 23×23×11 inches

This Kokido Keops is one of the most cost-effective options when it comes to choosing a pool heater within the budget. It is a great option that comes with a high value of money quotient.

It helps us prolong the swimming season for a longer period than just summer. It is a very efficient working system that heats up the pool water within hours.

It is designed to heat up around 6000 gallons of water pool but if it’s a bigger pool you can always add another device as well. It heats up to 8 degrees which are brilliant considering the low-cost option.

Where others can maximum give 10-degree rise but double the price. It is an eco-friendly solar heating system. In comparison to other pool heaters, it saves a lot of bills in gas and electricity. As it effectively absorbs the sunlight and heats the pool water.

It is a compact and lightweight design. Dome shape helps a lot in light absorption. It is compatible with all existing pumps and the package comes with all the equipment for installation. The installation is pretty straight forward and can be done easily

  • A budget-friendly price tag is a big plus
  • Small and lightweight design
  • Eco friendly
  • Efficiency
  • Accessories included in the box with easy installation
  • Compatible with a variety of pumps
  • Small lightweight and compact design
  • Limited temperature rise
  • Several panels for effectively heating


9. Doheny’s Solar Heating system for swimming pools

Doheny's Solar Heating system for swimming poolsIncredible Features

  • 5 years warranty
  • Mounting kit included
  • Diverter valve included

Major specifications

  • 5feet by 20 feet solar panel
  • Temperature rise by 10 degree
  • Dimension 28” L × 28” W×12” H

Doheny’s polypropylene solar heating is a simple but very cost-effective and efficient choice in solar panels

It is the integration of 2, 2.5 feet wide, and 10 feet long solar panels overall 50 square feet area of heat radiation extraction for your pool. It is used for multiple pools above ground as well as in-ground.

This system’s efficiency is great. Its size makes it ideal to absorb the maximum amount of heat from sunlight. It warms the water around 10 degrees which is great as you get an extended period for your swimming addiction satisfaction.

The cost-effectiveness is great as most of its energy is solar-generated. It is easy on your pocket as it considerably reduces the huge amount of bills that you have to pay if gas or electricity heaters were incorporated.

It is an eco-friendly heating system that can be effective in any type or size of pool. It is a little difficult to installable a pool heating system and comes with 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty for great quality and durability.

  • Pocket friendly
  • High quality and durability
  • Energy Efficient
  • Long warranty
  • Eco friendly
  • Max flow design
  • Compatible with pumps
  • Large panel and needs a lot of space
  • Tricky installation


10. 2-2×20 SunQuest Solar Swimming Pool Heater

2-2×20 SunQuest Solar Swimming Pool HeaterIncredible Features

  • Durable and lightweight polypropylene material
  • Suitable for 15 feet pools
  • Optimized heat transfer

Majority specifications

  • Solar heating collector 2, 2 feet × 20 feet long
  • Temperature increase up to 10 degrees
  • Dimensions: 31×16×16 inches

When you are looking for a heater that is at the peak of its quality and performance then SunQuest is your easiest pick.

It has exceptional quality construction and the most top-notch advanced technology manufacturing that provides you best overall heating experience.

It is an eco-friendly system with the least carbon footprint. It delivers a 10-degree temperature rise within half an hour to make you comfortable while swimming and makes it your best experience. Its NOx emission is zero percent

It saves you electricity bills as it absorbs Sun’s radiation. It is a costly system while purchasing in comparison to other solar panels but you get your complete value of money with it.

It is a comparable heating system for pools above ground as well as in-ground. Plus it uses all flow pumps. It works on MAX FLOW SYSTEM that enables the water to flow over the panels that will directly affect the water temperature within minutes and eventually saves you money

MAX-FLOW is a direct way that facilitates water to get directly in contact with the heating panel and is liable for increasing water temperature just in a matter of hours.

It is overall great quality and durable water heater

  • 10-degree temperature rise in 30 min
  • Compatible with pumps
  • Easy maintained
  • Eco friendly
  • MAX Flo design
  • In ground & above ground compatibility
  • Rooftop installation is tricky
  • Not ideal for larger pools than 15 sq. ft.


Criteria for choosing the best solar pool heaters

Choosing the right pool heater is one thing that can drastically change your pool time. The right choice will get you extra pool weeks of enjoyment and fun with your friends and family but the wrong choice will be a waste of money as well as an inconvenience for the pool owners and you have to give it up as cold water is a big NO for swimming.

Here are the criteria one needs to follow to make the right choice for themselves that best suits their swimming pools.

 Size of the Pool

The size of the Pool is the most important factor for this selection. Pools are available in different shapes and sizes. The depth of these pools also varies significantly.

For a small standard size pool, it’s very easy to heat the pool with a standard size efficient heater of your choice but with considerably larger pools some issues start occurring. They won’t get desired warm water as the size of the heater isn’t enough for its larger water quantity.

To get the ideal swimming pool heater you must make sure that it coincides directly with its size and if needed include more than one heater or choose a larger one.

Ease of installation

Installation is a major factor to consider when choosing the heater for your pool. If the Installation is easy you can do it yourself and in-ground or ground pools keeping will become easy

If the Installation is an energy-draining experience or a piece of the cake depends on the choice of the heater. If you have to integrate more than one heater for one swimming pool then the Installation becomes more complex.

If the heater has given the attachment kit then it will be easy to follow instructions but if not it will be time-consuming and a pain in your gut.

You must take the services of professionals to do the correct job if the Installation is tricky. This way you will ensure that your swimming pools are properly installed and you can enjoy this facility for a longer period of time


When you buy a heater you incur a cost. And if it shows issues in its performance or any kinks you should be able to exchange or repair your swimming pool heater with no or minimal cost so there must be a warranty attached to the purchase as additional security.

With a warranty, you get the safety that if anything happens to the heater in a certain period of time it can be replaced or get repaired.

Ease of use

The heater you choose needs to be compact, user-friendly, and hassle-free. If the Installation is complex professional should be hired & they will make sure you use it with all the ease & it provides you the warm water you need efficiently.

It should be lightweight so it is easily carried from one place to another for maximum exposure to the sun. The best place for the heater is to adjust it on the rooftop so that you can get the best result.

It should be easy to carry so that no damage should be done while maneuvering it according to the need

Construction quality

The heaters for the pools and their quality must be of prime importance. If the quality is good it will absorb the maximum amount of sunlight and will warm the water properly.

If you settle for cheap quality you will have to bear the consequences and as a result, won’t get the best output. Heat won’t be enough to warm the water and you won’t get the desired temperature. And as result, you will not be able to use your pool

The material that the heater is made of must endure all the harshness of weather but still works the best. So quality is a must.


Budget is something that drives almost every decision we make. So it is very much necessary to choose a heater that gives you the maximum value of money. You must choose a product that is in your pocket range and serves your purpose.

Cost-effective products will be more likely to end up in your home.


We have given you a complete and detailed analysis of pool heaters with all the factors that are going to help you make the right choice. A great pool heater must be equipped with all these features and will surely be a great purchase for a long time

The pool heater must be of good quality material. It takes a lot of beating from the weather. Strong winds and storms can spoil the heater if it’s placed on the rooftop and if the quality of the material is not good it will not be able to tolerate the weather. So great quality material is very important.

The pool heater size must be chosen with caution according to the size of the pool. For a small pool, extra-large heaters will be a wrong choice as they will warm it more than necessary and vice versa if you choose a small heater for the larger pool will not warm it enough to get the desired result

Costing will decide which pool heater is budget-friendly. If u pick a costlier one it will drain your pocket badly and you will suffer the consequences.

Smart pool S610P is one of the best picks of the lot. It has proven to be the best in quality and durability. It gives you the best value for money.  It lasts longer and works efficiently. It’s designed to absorb the most heat and can be a great recommendation according to your desires.


How well do solar heaters work?
Solar heating panels that is of good quality and according to your pool size works great to heat up your pool and give you an extended swimming season
Do DIY solar pool heater work?
DIY does work only when the heater is not a complex structure. You can assemble a simple design easily but complex structure assembling need specialized assemblers to get work done in the right way
What is the best solar panel heater?
Smart pool S610P is one of the best picks of the lot. It has proven to be the best in quality and durability. It gives you the best value for money. It lasts longer and works efficiently. It’s designed to absorb the most heat and can be a great recommendation according to your desires.
How many solar panels it takes to heat up the pool?
It literally depends on the pool size. If the pool size is within the limit of one panel then that is enough. But if its size is large and has extra water quantity in it then you must incorporate more than one panel.
How long it takes to heat a pool?
It depends on the size of the pool, choice of the heater and its quality. If the size of the pool is small heaters work in the matter of hours. But with larger pool you need a great working heater that is fast and in hours provide the change of 6 to 10 degrees
Do solar pool heaters work in winter?
Solar heating panels work in autumn and spring effectively raises the temperature by 6 to 10 degree of pool water. But in winters you need extra heaters and covers to rise the temp or preserve heat.
Are solar panel heaters worth it?
If you choose the right heater with the right capacity within your allowed budget solar panel heaters do worth it. They increase your swimming sessions longer and definitely the right choice worth it
How can I heat my pool cheaply?
Well if you don’t put enough money then quality will be compromised but still using a low-cost pool with medium quality and altering the size of the pool can help you reduce the cost a lot

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