The Best Semi Inground Pool – In 2021

If you’re dreaming of luxurious lounging and crystal blue water – you should buy a pool. With today’s options of colors, designs, type of materials, and the placement of a semi inground pool, it can be hard to decide! One of the most versatile and cost-effective semi inground pools on the market today is specifically a Stealth Pool. Let’s take a closer look at the ins and outs of being a semi inground pool owner.

A semi-inground pool is an affordable alternative to a traditional inground pool and it is easier to install. It is also is a good choice if you have strict homeowner association rules about height. It features the same round or oval shape options that an above-ground pool does.

Best Semi Inground Pool

The semi-inground pool requires less digging, dealing with utility lines, tree roots, etc. In addition, sinking a semi-inground pool several feet below the ground often makes it easier to manage pipes and pumps. A homeowner has a great deal of versatility with creating their deck as opposed to a traditional above-ground pool.

If you want your pool to blend more harmoniously with your landscape than a typical above-ground pool, a semi-inground is a great choice.

What is a Semi Inground Pool?

As the name implies, a semi inground pool is a pool that is partially buried in the ground, as opposed to an inground pool that’s in the ground and an above-ground pool that’s on the ground. Depending on the exact setup, this type of pool may also be referred to as a semi above ground pool, a raised pool, or a deck pool.

However, semi inground pools can also be custom-made with the same sorts of materials you would use for an inground pool. Which type of installation you’re talking about will determine how much the semi inground pool costs.

Semi Pool Brands

Mainly four types of pools are suitable to be installed and used as a semi-inground pool. For a semi inground pool kit, you can use three above-ground models. The top ones are listed here:

Intrepid or Oasis. An above-ground pool by Wilbar. This can be buried to a maximum of 36 inches inside the ground.

Optimum. This is another one made by Wilbar. It is more preferred as compared to the Radiant.

Radiant pools. They are Radiant, and these look beautiful. The Aquasport 52 is another great one from Aquasport. The LLC and Buster Crabbe Pools.

Radiant pools

The Admirals is one more above-ground pool from Aquasport Pools LLC. They are supposed to be built with an aluminum deck or a fence. The best part is that is semi inground pool installed with a deep end can go decently in the ground.

Best Time To Install A Semi Inground Pool

Depending on your location and weather, the best time to install a pool is spring, summer, and fall. Due to harsh weather conditions, especially here in Long Island, NY, digging up the ground for a pool can be incredibly difficult, if not impossible in the wintertime.

  • The ideal time to install a pool is during spring and summer.
  • If you are hoping to have your dream backyard in the summertime, it is recommended that you reach out to your pool company in the winter to prepare for your spring or summer pool installation.
  • Preparing for the installation in the winter guarantees your scheduled time slot for installation in the spring and summer. The winter is typically a slow season for pool companies, so you can take your time working with them designing your new dream pool instead of rushing to complete the project during peak season.
  • It is also easier to obtain building permits during the off-season, so everything can go as planned and ready to go when it is time to install your new swimming pool.

How Much Does a Semi Inground Pool Cost?

A semi-inground pool might cost about the same as an inground pool plus additional labor and materials for forming the walls around it. The key factor is the building materials and how you choose to upgrade the surrounding walls of the pool.

The walls of a semi inground pools are for more than just aesthetics. Since they need to support the pool and withstand the pressure of thousands of gallons of water, semi inground pool walls will need to be very sturdy, and that means that they will not come cheap.

You can expect your pool walls to cost as much as a retaining wall, which is roughly $7,000-$20,000 depending on the materials and/or the size and shape of the blocks used. Here’s a rule to remember as you research semi inground pool designs, the bigger the pool and the higher the walls, the more you can expect to pay.

Keep in mind: We’re referring to inground pools that are installed semi-inground and not above ground pool kits that are partially lowered into the ground.

What Materials Can I Use to Build My Semi Inground Pool?

Aside from the materials that you would use to build your actual swimming pool, your semi inground pool walls can be built using:

  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Glass (very very strong glass!)

The materials that you choose will affect your final semi inground pool price, so keep this in mind as you sift through your options.

  • They have a pretty good lifespan, and if you take care of them they have an excellent lifespan.
  • Compared to inground swimming pools, semi inground pools aren’t as labor-intensive when setting up. This cuts down the installation time significantly.
  • Depending on the model, their walls are mainly aluminum, rustproof, and the plumbing is easy to manage.
  • They blend into the surroundings.
  • Easy to install.
  • To keep the water cool in a SIP, you may have to invest in a chiller, which may increase your monthly energy bill.
  • Choices are limited.

To Sum Up

Semi inground pools may not have the mass appeal that inground swimming pools do or the DIY-friendliness of an above-ground pool.

But what they do have is a unique look and budget appeal.

With the right design, they can give your backyard a luxurious and contemporary feel that can rival any high-end pool.


How much does it cost to have a semi inground pool installed?
The average cost to install a semi-ground pool is $11,700, with most installation costs ranging between $8,400 to $22,500. The average cost to install a semi-inground pool is $11,700, with most installation costs ranging from $8,400 to $22,500.
Can semi inground pools have a deep end?
Dependent upon pool shape and size, the depth ranges available are from approximately a 36-inch shallow end to an 8-inch deep end. The pool wall, equipment, and materials are like that of an inground pool but competitively priced like a higher-end above-ground pool.
How deep can a semi inground pool go?
However, the water height often sits at around 6 feet. Vinyl liners allow the pool depth to go beyond 8 feet. Expandable liners in particular allow additional depth around the pool center.
How long does a semi inground pool last?
Semi-inground pools typically last 10 to 20 years, depending on the pool’s material and manufacturer. By comparison, the average above-ground pool lasts 7 to 15 years, while a concrete in-ground concrete pool can last up to 50 years or more.

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