How to Patch Intex Pool: Complete Guide [Step by Step] 2021

There are many above ground pool which claims to be the very strong pool and there material is puncture resistant. But there is chance that your pool will got punctured due to many reasons. It does not matter the pool is made of puncture resistant material or not.

When your pool is got punctured now you are in worry that how the summer will pass for you and you might be thinking to buy the new pool. But wait just read this article first. 

We’ll tell you three ways that how you can patch your pool and it does not matter that from where your pool is punctured it will be patched. 

So, just follow our instructions.

Patching your pool with Intex Wet Vinyl Plastic Repair

There are many people who are worried that how they gonna patch their plastic pool but it is the one of the easiest and interesting process if you follow our instructions step by step. 

You don’t have to pay the high amount of money to the professionals who patch your pool but you just need the right tool at the right time. The first thing which you should give try is the Intex wet vinyl plastic repair.

When you use this kit so, it will match perfectly with your pool because they are designed by the same company and it will be a lot easier for you too.

Step 1

The first step which you need to do is the gather all the tools which would use in this process of patching. There will be a tool kit which comes with all intex pools bring it where you are patching the pool. You also need scissors for patching so, bring them too.

Step 2

In second step you’ll analyze the pool thoroughly that means is look at the pool patches or wholes which you are thinking to patch and measure them. After that you’ll know that if you can patch them by yourself or not. If you came to know that these hole are too big then you need some professional help to patch it.

Step 3

Now in step three you have to take the Intex Wet Vinyl Plastic Repair kit and cut them according to the hole you are going to patch with it. The best practice is that if the hole in your pool is 2 inches then cut the 3 inch piece of plastic.

Step 4

Here comes the final step or you can say climax. Now if the hole in your pool is at the place where you have to get in touch with water then you should do one thing. Take that moisturizer or gum that comes with the patching kit apply, it on the patch and then wait for ten minutes.

Now fold the patch and goes under water and keep it folded until you reach at the destination then unfold it and put the patch on the hole with your full power that there will be no space of air and water between patch and hole.

The process is same for the outside of the water the difference will be only in the folding process when you are going patch the hole outside water you don’t need to fold the patch after applying the gum.

Transparent Duct Tape

Transparent Duct Tape

If the first method is not working for you and your hole is constantly leak then one thing which you need to check is that if your pool is at the right place and if there is any sharp thing which is causing the leakage.

If all these are perfect and your first patching kit is not performing good then you need to work with this transparent duct tape. It is another one of the most popular tool for the patching of the pool. There are many chances that when you will going to apply this transparent duct tape on the hole then it will not leak again.


Pool Liner Repair

Pool Liner Repair

Now if the above two methods are not working for you or your pool has the bigger hole then this way would be perfect for you. Pool liner works perfect for the pools which have larger holes because of its big sizes.

That is because the height of the pool liner is 15 cm and the length is 5.5 cm so, we can say that pool liner repair patches are the better to patch the bigger holes. This is used to patch the inside of the pool as well as outside of the Intex pool.

Now if your pool is not patched with all these three methods than you need to purchase a new pool because this one is not going to repair from anything and you have to spent good amount of money on the new Intex pool.


When to patch your pool?

If you want to save your money and time form the pool professionals that charge high prices to patch your pools then you need to look carefully that when you need to patch your pool.

If you leave your pool covered after filling the water but when you open it the amount of water is very low then this is the sign for you that your pool is leak and you have to patch it as soon as possible.

The other situation when you need to use the patch is if you are using the pool liner for more than five years then you should patch it but most of the pool experts advise that if your pool liner is not used for more than 8 years then you should change your pool.

Sometimes the size of the patch is also very important if you are dealing with the half inch patch then you can tackle it but the patch is about 6 to 7 inches still you can try to tackle it with the pool lines but there are many chances that it would not be handled by the pool liner and the last decision you have to made is to purchase the new pool.


If you have gone through our all article than you will be able to patch your pool with in the 20 minutes not more than this and you can save your money which you are going to pay to the professionals who are going to patch you pool for yourself.

Use these patching kits and follow our instruction the patching process would be very easy and after 20 minutes you will be again enjoy the swimming or any other water activities with your children and family members.

Make sure that you look at the whole pool more often and if you notice any leak patch it. because if you show carelessness in this then in result you have to spent a good amount on buying the new pool.


What do you use to patch a pool?
There are things which are used to patch the pool First thing is Intex Wet Vinyl Plastic Repair. Most of the times it would work the second thing which is used for the patch is Transparent Duct Tape and the third thing which you can also use to patch the pool is Pool Liner Repair.
Can you use duct tape to patch a pool?
yes, you can patch the pool with the duct tape but you have one thing in ming that patching with the duct tape won’t last for long time and you have to patch it by the patching kit. But if you want to do it temporarily then you can do it.
What kind of glue can you use to patch a pool?
There are different glues that are used to patch the pool but if you want to know the popular ones then the popular ones are Gorilla Glue and super glue. Although there are many experts who oppose use of these glues for some reason but still most of the companies are using these glue.
What is the average life of the intex pool?
The life of the intex pool depends upon your use and car. There are two types of intex pools in the market. One with the metal body has more long life than the other ones. You can use them for more than 15 years but if you have pool liners than their life will last for 5 to 6 years.

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