Hayward Aquabug Pool Review – Automatic Pool Cleaner

If you’re a swimming pool freak, you’ll definitely know how important it is to maintain the cleanliness of your pool. It could sometimes be very difficult to maintain your pools though, especially the above-ground pools. It requires plenty of time and a great effort too. And for that, the most important step is to choose the very right tool for that.

What does the Hayward Aqua Bug do? Basically, it is a vacuum that sucks all the dirt and debris from within your pool and makes your pool water clean for a healthier environment. It is designed to clean the bottom of your pools; for only the above-ground pools. However, it does not do the job of cleaning pool walls.

Hayward Aquabug Review

One great thing about this vacuum is that it would easily work with your current filtration system. Booster pumps are not required so you won’t have to replace your existing filtration system.

Product NameFeaturesSpecifications
Hayward 500 Aqua Bug
  • Has an innovative turbine and gear system
  • Uses the pool’s existing filtration system
  • Contoured head design
  • Uses SmartDrive technology for smooth cleaning of the pool
  • Product Dimensions: 13.4 x 13.8 x 12.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 4 Pounds

Hayward 500 AquaBug – Above Ground Pool Cleaner

In this article, we’re going to review Aqua bug 500 Suction Above-Ground Pool Cleaner, by Hayward.


Hayward 500 Aquabug works with your pool’s current filtrations system, without requiring any additional tools such as pumps or cords. With this bug pool cleaner, you won’t have to deal with the troubles of manually cleaning your swimming pools. It automatically moves across your pool’s floor, sucking all the dirt and debris along with the water. It then pumps the water through the filtration system and ensures the release of clean water back into the pool.

Each Aquabug has a different look: Wanda the Whale, Diver Dave, Aquacritter, or Hayward Aquabug. Each has a distinct color scheme and a colorful face. Your pool will add some color, texture, and a little personality depending on which one you choose.

This vacuum pool cleaner not only saves you from a lot of manual effort, but it also reduces the need of chemicals or sanitizers for the cleaning to a great extent. Also, your pool’s water circulation can be improved which saves you from spending a lot of money to have it all professionally done by someone else.

Key Features

  • Featuring an innovative turbine and gear system, the pool bottom is smooth and constant, ensuring quiet operation throughout the pool.
  • Pretty much easy to install and requires no tools. Works on all surfaces, including vinyl, concrete, fiberglass, and tiles.
  • It doesn’t need an additional booster pump or a power cord. Works great with your existing filtration system.
  • With the contoured head design, completing the steering pattern is made quicker and easier.
  • With its deluxe bumper ring, it avoids friction while operating in the water, allowing it to steer around any obstacles.
  • It is equipped with Haywards’ SmartDrive technology, which enables it to clean each area of the floor quickly, avoiding the re-cleaning of previously cleaned areas.

The capacity that Hayward Aqua Bug Can Deal With

There is always a certain range of capacity that any product can work with. Some pool cleaners are great for the larger pools while some do a great job but only until the standard-sized pools are concerned. So, that varies from pool to pool.

The capacity that Hayward Aqua Bug Can Deal With

Pool Type

As discussed earlier, Hayward Aqua Big works only for the above-ground pools. In fact, all four versions of Hayward pool cleaners work only for the above-ground pools. Other than this, the Hayward vacuum cleaners for temporary above-ground pools such as those by Intex are well praised in many customer reviews for their effectiveness regardless of the pools’ soft sides.

Pool Size

This pump comes with one leader hose and 11 connector hoses that can be connected together to supply 32 feet of water for a pool of 24 feet in diameter. But as long as your pump is powerful enough, you can also use it on large pools with additional connectors. It is possible to cover an above-ground pool of nearly 50 feet if the connection unit is in the middle of the longest area.

Pool Corners

It can handle corners as well. But for that, it requires more time so you’ll have to be patient for that. Also, in case it gets stuck during the cleaning of corner areas, you can just wait and let it operate automatically on its own. Because it’s totally fine for an Aqua Bug to sometimes get stuck in the corners. Additionally, if you want to see it move immediately, you can handle it manually as well.

Pump Capacity

Each model could operate on 1 or 1.5 horsepower pumps. Using 1.5 HP will be more powerful and enable you to work more effectively. In the case of a pump with a powerless of 1 HP, a booster pump is needed to support the cleaner to function properly.

Pool Walls and Steps

As well as climbing walls, it also climbs steps. But there is a possibility that it may sometimes get stuck because walls or steps require comparatively more energy to do the job. So, in that case, a cover or back pillow may prevent it from getting stuck on the ledge area.

Cleanup of Dirt and Debris

The Aqua Bug does a great job at cleaning and getting rid of small dirt particles in the bottom. Additionally, if there are leaves or acorns in the pool, you may have to remove them manually from the pool or using by using a “leaf canister” when you use Aqua bug. Because they might clog the device.

You are just responsible for finishing the leaf basket and outlet grates. The rest has to be done by the Aqua Bug on its own. You can fix the leaf canister between two hoses, which you can buy separately from Hayward. When you do not have a strainer on your skimmer, it is a necessity.

Loudness/Noise Levels of Aqua Bug

Above ground, automated pool cleaners from Hayward are by a wide margin among the quietest when it comes to loudness or noise. Water moves across and up the walls in a smooth manner due to the highly refined gear system and turbine system. In addition, they create very little noise in their own right due to their use of the existing pump and filtration system.

  • Easy installation and Operation
  • A great alternative to manual cleaning
  • Circulates the water better in the pool
  • Detailed cleaning of swimming pool and side walls up to 3 feet
  • Utilizes the existing pool filtration system
  • An appealing appearance for children
  • The price-performance ratio is good
  • Suitable for above ground pools only
  • Requires owner’s supervision while operating in the pool


Product NameAqua Bug
Model No500
Dimensions13.4 inches x 13.8 inches x 12.8 inches
Weight4 Pounds
Cleaning TypeSuction Vacuum


Hayward vacuums represent among the best pool cleaners available for above-ground pools for many homeowners. And this makes sense. They are pretty much affordable and include no complicated steps for installation or working.

Hence, we definitely recommend you the Hayward 500 Aqua Bug pool cleaner if you’re fond of maintaining your pool’s cleanliness all by yourself.


Why is my Hayward Pool Vac not moving?
This might happen due to the reason that there is a blockage in the cleaner. See if a rock, twig, or large piece of debris has been stuck between the bearings and turbine. You can do that by removing the consumer inspection plate at the bottom of the cleaner; one self-contained screw must be loosened.
Should you leave pool vacuum in the pool?
Cleaning equipment that is left in the pool 24/7 becomes more likely to come in contacts with corrosive chemicals like chlorinated water or shock. The chemicals in these cleaners break down components over time and stain the cleaner. It is true that most people leave them in the pool all the time but this shouldn’t be this way. It is always better to bring out the cleaning vacuum from the pool, once you’re done with the cleaning of your pool.
How do I use my Hayward Pool vacuum?
The first thing to check is the setting of the rear flap adjuster. Make sure it is preset at number 2 or middle setting. This will work for most of the pools. Then, pick up the vacuum with its handle and submerge it into the pool removing all the air. Once the air has been removed, you need to connect the cuff of the leader hose to the Pool Vac XL hose connector. Now release the cleaner into the pool and continue to submerge it into water. Then turn on the pump and filter system.


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