Extension Cords for Pool Pump – Are They Safe to Use?

Pumping your pool with the extension cords is pretty much common now. Most of the home owners pump their pool on their own by using the extension cords. A pump requires a lot of power in order to run properly. 

Running an extension cord from a socket to the pump is somehow the easiest way. It is often asked that how much power does a pump need to circulate the water. The answer to this question varies according to the size of your pool and how much water is in there already.

Is it Recommended to Use the Extension Cords to Pump the Pool?

Although extension cords have made it a lot easier and convenient to pump the pool but this method is not much recommended. People who have been using this method for a long time know the bad effects it has on the pool and its life span.

Using the extension cords for the pool pumps has greater number of disadvantages over its advantages. One main reason is when an Extension Cords has been used for a longer time, it reduces the life span of your pool and your pool pump begins to overheat.

Hence, the idea of using the Extension Cord to run your swimming pool should not be a permanent setup. There are other safer and more effective ways to install your pool electricity.

How to Power Your Pool Pump Correctly?

To pump your pool in a proper and safe way, you need to hire a professional for this. Pumping your pool on your own can be very risky at times and would turn out difficult to find the solution. 

Here are a few things that you need to know in order to help your electrician understand about your pool.

Knowledge About Electricals

Electric circuits are a risky thing to deal with. If you do not have enough knowledge about electricity and the electric appliances, you should not even try to get into trouble of knowing all this on the spot. Always go for an electrician to save yourself from crucial circumstances.

Pool’s Requirements

The pump is not the only thing that your pool needs. There are so many other things that your pool requires in order to keep its water clean and healthy. Your pool might require other electrical appliances other than just the pump, such as pool lights, salt chlorine generators, ionizers and a few others.

These electrical devices are not dangerous and also consume less power.

Number of Amps Required

The amount of electricity that wound run through the electric wires is measure by the Amperage. Hence, it is important to have knowledge about the exact amperage in order to get a suitable sized wire fitting that is connected to the pool’s pump.

Disconnect Main Power Source

It is very important to disconnect or switch off the main power source before you start any repairing concerned with electricity or electrical appliances. Always make sure that the power is off at the circuit breaker before you start to power your pool pump.

Follow NEC (National Electric Codes)

No matter how expert you are, always follow the NEC. They provide the guidelines related to the handling of electricity and give you the important information regarding matters such as how deep the wires should be fitted, why is it important to ground the wires and some helpful tips as well.

Our Top Picks for Extension Cords

There are so many different kinds of Extension cords available in the Market today. You would get to see the best and the worst ones when you’re searching for one for yourself. 

Although the Extension cords are not recommended at all for powering your pool pump but if you still choose to go for it, here are the three best ones that you may rely on.

  1. 25 Foot Outdoor Extension Cord
  2. Outdoor IP44 Waterproof Extension Cord
  3. AgriPro Southwire Extra Heavy Duty Extension Cord

25 Feet Outdoor Extension Cord

25 Feet Outdoor Extension Cord

This Extension Code is an All-Purpose Extension cord. You may use it for Outdoor as well as Indoor purposes. It comes in various sizes and has a 4.8 star rating out of 5 and is highly recommended for gardening, landscaping or to provide power to any household appliance.


  1. This particular extension cord is highly resistant to water which means that it prevents the cord from moisture or sunlight.
  2. It has an indicator light which turns on when the power has been turned on. It does not slip due to its slip-resistant design.
  3. Its special kind of blades do not let the prongs bend or break. It supports the temperature ranging from -40-degree Fahrenheit to +140-degree Fahrenheit.
  4. The best thing about this Extension cord is that it has a lifetime warranty. If anything of this extension cord ever gets expired, you can get a new one for its replacement.


Technical Details:

BrandIron Forge 
Weight3.56 pounds
Dimensions13.46” x 7.05” x 3.15”
Size Not fixed. Comes in different sizes
Plug TypeB type
Available ColorsYellow
Batteries RequiredNo


Outdoor IP44 Waterproof Extension Cord

Outdoor IP44 Waterproof Extension Cord

This particular Extension cord is kind of Electrical connection box. The best thing about it is that it keeps the outdoor electric connections safe. It is an ideal extension cord for outdoor landscape lightings, outdoor decorations. Fountain lighting etc.


    1. Along with being a waterproof extension cord, it is also dust resistant as it is packed into a connection box. No matter what the weather is, it protects the electrical connections from snow, rain, and sunlight.
    2. It is very easy to use. You do not have to get it installed like other cords, all you need to do is settle the cord and connection in place, lock it and then seal it.
    3. It supports most of the plug types such as straight or right-angled plugs, and also gets fit into most of the bulky adapters. 
  • Due to its industrial grade plastic, it is protected from the outside weathers and is highly durable and UV resistant.


Technical Details:

Weight9.9 Ounces
Dimensions11.4” x 4.3” x 3”
ShapeEllipse type
SpecialtyIt is IP44 Waterproof
Available ColorsBlack, Green, Yellow, Red
Batteries RequiredNo


AgriPro Southwire Extra Heavy Duty Extension Cord

AgriPro Southwire Extra Heavy Duty Extension Cord

AgriPro Southwire Extension cord is also known to be one of the best ones and has 4.7 star rating out of 5. It comes in various sizes in various prices. 


  1. This particular cord is made in America and is known to be one of the best cords for extremely cold days. 
  2. It supports temperature ranging from -50-degree Celsius to +105-degree Celsius, ideal for farms, workshops etc.
  3. Its wire is entirely made of copper and is super effective for use with heavy duty equipment.
  4. It is highly durable as its large size and molded plug prevents it from being destroyed due to some accidental bending or breaking.
  5. Moreover, it is known to be highly resistant to any kinds of chemicals or oils.


Technical Details:

Weight5.7 Pounds
Dimensions2.75” x 7.25” x 16.75”
Size25 Feet
Plug TypeB type
Available ColorsBlack
Batteries RequiredNo



Although it is fine to use Extension cords to pump your pools but it is not preferred. Many owners have great experience in running the pool pump by using the extension cords, but this may be hazardous in so many situations.

So, it is highly recommended to avoid using the extension cords for this purpose. There are so many other ways which are way more effective and safer than this.

 But if you still plan to use the extension cord, make sure you hire a professional for this and read the instructions very carefully before you purchase the cord.


Can I use an extension cord for my pool pump?
Although it is up to you, but powering your pool pump with an extension cord is NOT recommended at all. The extension cord can sometimes heat up and burn out.
How long is the power cord on a pool pump?
The power cord on a pool pump is very long with a circuit breaker on it. The minimum length of power cord on a pool pump is 20 feet.
Is it fine to run a pool pump for 24 hours a day?
It is completely fine or you say an ideal thing to do. But running your pool pump for 12 hours in a day or even less than that is recommended, depending upon the pool size. This is because running it for straight 24 hours a day would greatly increase the maintenance cost of your pool.
Which is better: to run pool pump during the day or at night?
Running the pool pump during night is only recommended if pool needs a chemical treatment such as Algae clean up.Otherwise, your pool is more vulnerable during the day. Plants grow at a faster rate during the day than at night, including the Algae itself. So, it is better to run your pool pump during the hottest time of the day.

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