The 4 Best Exceptional Solar Panel Heaters for Swimming – Detail Buying Guide 2021

The swimming pools are one of the compulsory needs for the people in summers because they have to enjoy the hot day in the pool but there are some people that want to swim in the pool in every season and for them, there are solar panel heaters that warm the water and make it swim-able in the winters.

There are many types of heaters that are used to warm the water but the best one is the solar panel heaters because of their energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. There are many brands of solar heaters in the market and finding the best one could be a complicated task.

But don’t worry we have made it very simple for you. We go through all the brands and find the eight best exceptional solar panel heaters to warm your swimming pool. Below are those heaters.

SmartPool S601 Solar Heater for poolSmartPool S601 Solar Heater for pool
  • You can heat up the pool water from 6° to 10° F
  • It is an eco-friendly option
  • Suitable for the In-ground and Above-ground pool
  • 4.1 rating out of 5 on Amazon
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GAME 4721-BB SolarPROGAME 4721-BB SolarPRO
  • The installation is a breeze
  • The design is very efficient
  • It saves more than 80% electricity
  • Rating of 3.5 out of 5 on Amazon
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XtremepowerUS Solar heating panelXtremepowerUS Solar heating panel
  • It is the most affordable option in the list
  • Lightweight and very flexible
  • It is suitable for the Above and In-ground both pools
  • Rating of 3 out of 5 on Amazon
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Solarpoolsupply Pool HeaterSolarpoolsupply Pool Heater
  • The Solar heater passes through 40+ durability tests
  • It is very eco-friendly
  • It lasts for more than 15 to 20 years
  • 4.1 Rating out of 5 on Amazon
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1.  SmartPool S601 Solar Heater for pool

SmartPool S601 Solar Heater for poolIt is one of the most efficient solar heaters to warm the water of your pool up to 6-10° F. That is the maximum temperature mostly needed in order to enjoy swimming in the winters.

These solar heaters are made with polypropylene material which is very efficient in improving the temperature of your pool. The design is very powerful because it allows the panel to absorb more energy from the sun.

These smart pool solar systems might be expensive for you but it is a one-time investment and when once fixed it will last with you for a long time. The most beneficial thing which this does to you is that it reduces your cost of heating the pool.

This pool heating system is featuring the internal baffles that are responsible to balance the water on both sides of the tube, this process increasing the healing potential of the water pool.

The heater is made with very durable and flexible material and it stands in front of the many extreme weather conditions and lasts for 10 to 12 years with your pool and house if you are not planning to change your pool before this time.

The installation of the solar heating panel is very easy if you have the installation kit that is sold separately by the brand. You need some other things that work parallel with the solar heating system and that is liquid head shields.

This liquid shield will help to retain the water’s heat and it will not evaporate because of more heat. This solar panel heating system is perfect for the In-ground and above-ground types of pools.

  • Heat your water up to 6-10°F
  • It is suitable for the above and In-ground pools
  • It is very eco-friendly
  • It is very energy-efficient
  • Worth the money
  • Installation instructions are not very good
  • Valves are not good


2.  GAME 4721-BB SolarPRO

GAME 4721-BB SolarPROThis Game solar panel for heating your pool is suitable for your above-ground and in-ground pools because of the most attractive curved designs that are very efficient in heating your pool’s water and this solar panel has the capability to increase the temperature by four degrees and that only in four days.

There are many solar panels that are made with the food material but they did not last with you for many years but this Game 4721 solar panel is made of good high-quality material, so it will last with you for a long time.

The design of this solar panel is unique from all other solar panels on the list and that is because it can absorb more heat from the sun and it is also featuring adjustable legs, so you can adjust according to your space.

The best thing about these solar heaters is that they are very cost-effective. The energy that this panel needed to warm your water comes from the sun and your electricity bill does not have any effect because of this solar panel.

The solar panel is very easy to install, so you don’t need to give some bucks to the professional person in your area and you can do it yourself even if you are not a technical person. They are providing you a very comprehensive guide that will help you to install the solar heater.

This Game solar heater panel is very good but the working of this panel depends on the sun exposure in your area and if you have put this solar system in the right direction or not this also matters. If you have done all these things right then the heater will work perfectly.

  • The design of the solar panel is very efficient
  • Increases the pool temperature up to 5° degree in just four days
  • Installation is a breeze
  • It is perfect for the low and medium-size pools
  • It saves more than 70% to 80% of electricity
  • Not a very good at heating the water as expected


3.  XtremepowerUS Solar heating panel

XtremepowerUS Solar heating panelThe pool heating pumps are very high maintenance things and if you have to do the expenses if you are going to install it but the XtremepowerUS have made it very suitable for you because it has the lowest maintenance cost in all the heating panels because it makes the energy to the sun.

There are many complaints from the customers that the solar panel does not last for a long time after spending a big amount on it. This is a huge disappointment for all those people. But we have the solution: the XtremepowerUS solar heating panel is made with high-quality material that can bear the worst weather conditions and withstand you for several years.

You Would need a good pump and filtration system to get in running because the pump will circulate the water in the tubes of the solar panel and it will heat the water and return it to your pool. This is how you will get a number of degrees warmer swimming pool water.

There are some people that might be confused about how much solar panels they would need for their swimming pool but to determine that you should know the size of your pool because the quantity depends on the size of your pools there are many websites that will help you to determine the quantity if you know the size of your pool.

Like all the other solar heaters in the market, this also saves you few bucks in electricity and it is very eco-friendly, so you are not causing any harm to nature.

  • Price is very affordable
  • Installation is very easy even if you are not a technical person
  • You can increase the water by 10 to 15°
  • It is very lightweight and flexible
  • Suitable for the above and in-ground pools
  • You need a diverter kit for the pump


4.  Solarpoolsupply Pool Heater

Solarpoolsupply Pool HeaterThis is another one of the best and durable pool heaters in the market. This pool heater is also made with the high-grade material polypropylene. The brand knows that you have to put it on your rooftop and where the solar panel needs to go through very harsh weather conditions.

That is why they have made it very durable, so it will last with you for 15 to 20 years and this is proven. Mr. Kennedy bought this pool heater when he was 40 years ago but he died in a car accident when he was 60 last year but their solar pool heater is still working fine even after 21 years.

The brand is very conscious about their product that is why they did the 40 different tests to run the durability of their solar heaters and if some heater failed in one test that cannot make it to the market.

The design of the solar heater is very friendly and that makes sure that the energy from the sun is properly absorbed and warms the water by some 5 to 6° and that is the design of the solar system is built in the shape of a tube or web.

When the manufacturers are putting this much effort into the Solar pool panel then they are very much confident about their product that it will stand in their words what they are saying that is why they are giving a five years full and 10 years limited time warranty.

The installation of the solar panel system is very easy and you can do it yourself there is no need for any professional. They are providing you everything that you will need for the installation and their installation guide is also very helpful. If you follow the steps in their installation guide you can easily install the solar pool heater.

  • DIY installation
  • It goes through more than 40 durability tests
  • It will last for 15 to 20 years
  • The design helps to absorb the more energy
  • It has a full guarantee for the five years and limited for the five years
  • None


Buyer’s Guide

These are the four top solar pool heaters that you can buy in the market and also with your every penny. Now you might be planning to buy one of these pool heaters but wait you need to stop because there are some other things that you need to look at before buying the solar heater panel for your pool and these are some important things.

Pool’s Size

This is a very important thing when you are going to buy a solar pool heater because if you don’t know about the size of the pool then how would you assess which solar heater would be suitable for your pool.

That is why you must measure the size of your pool. If you have the rectangular pool then measure the length and width and if you have the circular pool then measure the diameter that will help you to buy the best solar heater for your pool that can warm the water of your pool.

Now when you have measured the size of your pool then according to exports the solar panels should be at least half of your pool then it will get the heat so, now buy the panels that are half of your pool’s size.


Now when you have the surface area of your pool size and you are getting the panels that are half of your space but one thing that you look into before buying the solar panel is how much space do you have to put these panels?.

Look for the empty rooftop or any other place near the pool where you can put these panels. But don’t put them very far because that will increase your fitting expenses. When you get the space measure the width and length of that place and then get it according to it by buying the solar heater panels.

Type of Solar heater

There are two types of solar heaters that are very commonly used in the market. These types of solar heaters are:

  • Solar Blanket
  • Roof kit

Solar Blanket

These are very effective and popular types of solar heaters. The benefit of this system is that you don’t need any installments. You need to put the cover on the pool and that will prevent the heat from evaporating the water and this is how the water remains warm and you can gain more than 5 to 6° with this simple method.

But there are some downsides of this cover too that if you have any shade on the pool that blocks the sunshine to come into the pool then this won’t work for you. The other cons of this solar blanket are that it will not last for more than 10 to 20 years as the solar heaters but the life of the solar blanket is very short. If there are some extreme weather conditions then it might not last for 6 months.

Roof Kit

These are also very common and popular solar heaters that are used to heat your swimming pool and that are very durable and last for more than 10 to 12 years. These are good for homes that do not have space beside the pool, so they can put these heaters on their nearest rooftop where the sunshine hits them directly.

No doubt this type of solar heater is expensive but they will last for 15 to 20 years and the maintenance charges are also very low, so it will be totally worth your money.


This is the most important step that you need to look at before you’re buying the solar heaters for your pool. If you are getting the solar blanket pools then you can install them yourself but if you are buying the roof kit solar heater then you need to install it from a professional person.

Because if you install it yourself and you do something wrong then it might cost you more than if you install it by some professional so, we will advise you to install the solar heater by the plumber because it might cost you little bucks but save many in the future.

Customer Support

If you want to judge a brand that if it’s good or bad then look at their customer support and how much they value their customers. If a brand does not value their customer then it will not be succeeded.

The customer support should be at a premium level, so, if you have any problem with your solar pool heater you can contact them, and they will do anything to solve your problem.

All the brands of solar heaters that we have mentioned above have good customer support centers and they value their customers. If you have any queries related to your customers then contact them and they will solve your problems.

Product Warranty

The warranty is also a very important thing that you should look into before buying because the warranty is something that assures you that if the product stops working you can contact support and they will solve your problem.

There are many brands that offer you great warranties there are some that offer a warranty of 12 years while some offer a warranty of 5 years, so this is kind of confidence of the brand on its product, so select the one that has good features backed by the good warranty.

If you are going to buy the solar roof kit heater then most of the time this type of filter has more warranty than the solar blanket heaters.

Shipping Cost

You should also consider this thing before buying the solar heaters for your pool because if you consider buying the solar heater from a different state then you should have in mind that the solar system is a bit heavy and when the manufacturer will ship it to your place it will increase the cost.

But if you are going to buy the solar blanket then the shipping cost will be lower. So, these are some things that you should consider before buying the solar heater.


After reading all the articles you might know that these are some of the best Solar heaters for the pool and what are the things that you should consider before buying, so now you might be thinking to buy the solar heater.

But there would be many people that are confused about which one they should buy from the above mentioned so do not worry we have made it very simple for you. We are going to recommend you the number one solar heater for your swimming pool.

Our recommendation would be GAME 4721-BB SolarPRO because it has a very good design that has the capability to absorb more sunshine and heat up the water of your pool. It is also very cost-effective and made with very durable material and lasts for 15 to 20 years. You should buy this solar heater panel from our link above.

When you buy from our link we earn a very little amount of commission from Amazon, so make sure that you buy from our link, please

Thank you and have a very nice day


What are the best pool solar panels?
There are many brands that are manufacturing good quality solar panel heaters but these are the four best solar pool heaters that you can get: • SmartPool S601 Solar Heater for pool • GAME 4721-BB SolarPRO • XtremepowerUS Solar heating panel • Solarpoolsupply Pool Heater These are the four best pool solar heaters in the market that you can buy.
Do solar panels really heat a pool?
Yes, they are very good to heat your pool and the first thing about these solar panels is that they are cost-effective than gas and other pool heaters. They also reduce your maintenance expenses and are very durable. These solar systems are a bit expensive but it is a onetime investment and will last with you for more than 10 to 12 years.
How much will solar panels heat my pool?
There are many solar panel heaters in the market that will heat your pool up to 10° to 15°. There are some other blanket solar heaters that might heat the pool from 4° to 6°. So, you should select the solar heaters according to your requirements and how much you want to heat your pool.
How warm should a pool be?
If you want to know how warm your pool water would be then for the swimming you need to 78°F to the 82°F and if you want to calculate the temperature in the Celsius then in Celsius it would be 26° C to 28° C. If you want to enjoy swimming in your pool then your pool water should be in this temperature for healthy swimming.


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