Embassy Pool Brand About The Manufacturer And Features – 2021

Looking for top the line? Look no further. Embassy swimming pools are a great choice for high-quality above-ground pools. Build a deck around it, do some landscaping, and transform your backyard into your own private resort.

Embassy offers high-end and luxury above-ground pools in the medium to extra large size categories. These are great options for those looking for a long-lasting, more permanent pool for their yard. While set up and installation can be quite challenging (it may be best to hire a professional), many Embassy pool owners are extremely happy with their pool.

So now that we have already started the discussion about these pools, a mention has to be made about Embassy Pools 24×52 that has revolutionized above the ground pools in total. How so, let us find out in detail.

Embassy Pool Brand

About The Manufacturer

Embassy above Ground Pools is manufactured by Doughboy Pools. Doughboy has been in business since 1947 manufacturing inflatable pools, toys, and beach balls. They progressed to develop stronger above-ground pools and long-lasting liner technology.

Most customers are pleased with their Doughboy above Ground Pool, but depending on who you order it from, the customer experience may vary. You can check Doughboy’s BBB page for the latest customer reviews and complaints about the business itself.

What Comes in the Embassy Pool Set?

Pool sets typically include

  • Steel top rails and supports – 4″ to 9″ depending on the model.
  • Strong and stylish walls – corrugated steel & hot-dipped galvanized copper.
  • Durable vinyl liner
  • Ladder
  • Sand filter and pump
  • Skimmer
  • Pool vacuum


Some of the salient features of the pool are indeed remarkable and once you go through the entire list as compiled by us (with sweat and blood J), you will know it.

There is certainly no looking beyond these pools as they are designed with state of art of technology that makes them smart enough to rule over hearts!

Looks. it has to be cited that looks are definitely not deceptive. The baked enamel and creamy tan-colored verticals are more than enough to talk about while describing this rugged pool. The top connectors are colored in taupe resin that makes it look elegant as well. What makes this different from the rest of the pools is that it has the looks to kill for along with proper. 

Performance. In continuation to the above point, it has to be asserted that this is a high-performance above-ground pool that needs no introduction. Pool connoisseurs are well aware of the name brand and how well qualified it is to manufacture strong and sturdy above-the-ground pools. The pool wall is corrugated for maximum flexibility and provides vertical strength. The wall is made up of hot-dipped galvanized steel that has a copper-bearing.

Installation Of The Pool – We have already dedicated a section to how to install where you can find about the installation in detail in case you are not sure. Although these pool installations are not rocketed science but yes since they last longer, they are heavy (641 pounds) to be maneuvered single-handedly. You may require extra help and maybe professional if you are not well adept at installing pools. 

Accompanying Accessories. Yes, this is our favorite part when it comes to the discussion of Embassy Pools without a doubt. This is because this company takes care of the pool accessories and gives no scope to its customers to complain about anything. Yes, they have gone into the details and it is high time that we also delve into it. This one comes with a blueliner, 17 inches sand filter, skimmer, 1HP PR omega pump, and of course not to forget the 52 inches Deluxe Platform Ladder. If you want you may invest in an extra set of the pool ladder 

Space. A pool measuring 24 Feet by 52 Inches actually leaves nothing to the imagination in the real sense. It is big enough to accommodate a lot of people, (because we can’t be sure how many you want to invite for that pool party) without much difficulty. 

Price. Come on now, a lot of people may have a grudge because their backyard may not be able to put up a pool. This is not true because if you compare the price of an in a pool with an above-the-ground one, then you will know which one is expensive.

The Specialty Of The Pool. If a 35-year limited warranty sounds good for you then you should get this one right away. What more can you ask from a manufacturer? They are sure of what they have delivered and they have marked it with 35 years! 

Maintaining It. This above-the-ground pool is no different than the rest of such pools. They are easy to maintain and with proper care, can in actuality serve you long. Keep it protected from rust and dirt to ensure that it lasts long to enjoy more.

What Did Customers Say About it?

In general, there are positive reviews about this pool suggesting that the customers were happy about purchasing this product. Many of them have recommended it for others as well.

There aren’t many reviews of Amazon but we found more throughout the internet on various websites. ​ The product is well packaged and the parts remain intact. Some of the customers had it for more than a year and said that they will not hesitate to buy it again.

The price seems affordable and totally worth it. The pool is of high quality and very well designed to suit consumer needs.

  • It does not levy any additional taxes like in pools.
  • It comes with supplies that are required to keep the running all through the year
  • Its portability is one of its features and it is a long-lasting pool.
  • If safety is on your agenda then this is an unbeatable product.
  • It has gorgeous looks and a strong set of ladders.
  • Ground must be level before setting up the pool.
  • The price is a little high but you get what you pay for as far as quality with this pool.
  • It will take at least 2-3 days to set up.



The Embassy Pool sets itself apart from most above-ground pools due to the quality construction and rugged baked enamel steel.  If you’re looking for a pool that will last and is more durable than most other brands, the Embassy pool is for you.

We hope our review has been informative and will help you make a decision on the best above-ground pool.


Are embassy pools good?
Embassy above-ground pools are a good choice if you plan to build a deck around your pool or if you want to partially bury it. The sturdy walls, liners, and supports ensure that these pools will last for a long time. Embassy/Doughboy liners are designed to last.
Who makes Embassy pools?
The Embassy Century Pool by H.I.I. MFG of Doughboy carries a high-quality construction and is manufactured by the leading above-ground pool manufacturer in the industry.
Where are Embassy pools made?
Embassy pools are made in the USA, offering high-quality, yet affordable products. Embassy Pools is a division of Doughboy pools and is a member of the leading manufacturer of above-ground pools.


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