Dolphin Nautilus CC vs Nautilus CC Plus: Which one is better?

The robotic pools have made the life of the pool owners easy because they have to do the manual cleaning of their pool and that was not an easy job even if they hire someone for cleaning he will charge a large amount.

So, the robotic cleaners have made pool cleaning very easy. There is a company called Maytronics that manufactures the best robotic vacuum cleaners for pools. There are some people who were confused about two vacuums Dolphin Nautilus cc or Dolphin Nautilus cc plus.

Here we will compare them to which one is better and why so, let’s find out.

NameDolphin Nautilus ccDolphin Nautilus cc plus
Launched It was launched in January 2017. Four years from NowIt was launched in April 2015 6 years before Now
BrushesIt has one brush to clean the poolIt has two brushed to clean your pool
WeightIt is the lightest one with a weight of 13 poundsIt is heavy as compared to the Nautilus cc with a weight of 19 pounds
FilterIt has the basket top load filterIt has the cartridge top load filter
Filtration performanceThe Filtration done the Dolphin Nautilus cc is just ok or fine.The Filtration done by the Dolphin Nautilus cc plus is very good.
Cord lengthYou are getting a 50ft cord with this pool cleanerYou are getting the 60ft cord with this vacuum cleaner
Tangle-free swivelIt does not have the tangle-free swivelThis does have the technology of Tangle-free swivel
SizeIt can clean the pool up to 33ftIt can clean the pool up to 50ft
Cleaning AreaIt has the capability to clean the wall and floorIt has the capability to clean the wall and floor
Bluetooth/ WifiThis vacuum does not have the Bluetooth/wifi connectivityThis vacuum does not have the Bluetooth/wifi connectivity
AppThis does not have any App to operateIt does not have any App to operate.
CycleIt has two hours of cleaning cycleIt has two hours of cleaning cycle
AutomationIt has the automation modeIt does not have the automation mode
DimensionsDimensions of the Dolphin Nautilus cc is 16 x 16 x 9While the Dimensions of the Dolphin Nautilus cc plus is the 16 x 10 x 16
Full Bag indicatorNo, It does not have any indicator to indicate the bag is full of dirtNo. this vacuum also does not have the indicator for indicating the bag is full
Weekly TimerNo, it does not have any timerNo, this also does not have any timer
Remote controlNo, it is not remote controlNo, it is also not a remote controller
Pool typeThey are perfect for the cleaning of the Inground poolThey are perfect for cleaning inground pool
Rating and ReviewsIt has more than 2900 verified sales on Amazon and a rating of 4.5 out of 5It has more than 6200 verified sales on Amazon with a rating of 4.6 out of 5

DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Robotic Pool Cleaner

DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Robotic Pool Cleaner

The automated pool vacuum cleaner allows you to relax while it will clean the pool you don’t need to monitor it but just put it on a standard cycle of two hours and it will complete the cleaning process. You just need to plug in it and then leave it in the water.

The vacuum is very lightweight and comes with a 50ft cord that might be short for you if you have a power connection at some distance from the pool. The pool cleaner is very good at cleaning the floor of the pool and the lower part of the wall. This vacuum cleaner is not for the full wall cleaning.

You can operate it through the automated touch buttons and program the cycles of cleaning. The vacuum cleaner is not that will increase your electricity bills but it is the most energy-efficient vacuum cleaners in the market.

It has the filtration basket and a very efficient brush that helps it to clean the pool without any problem but the basket is suitable for the debris, leaves and other things like this but they offer a filter with extra charges that is very suitable for picking up the sand and algae particles in your pool.

  • Cleans the floor of the pool very well
  • It is very energy efficient
  • It is very lightweight.
  • It is very easily portable
  • It is made with the durable material
  • Only one year warranty
  • Not for the cleaning of full wall


Dolphin Nautilus CC plus pool Vacuum Cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus CC plus pool Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum has made life very easy for the pool owner now they don’t have to spare their day especially for the pool cleaning but they just need to put the plug into the power source and leave this cleaner in the pool and get back to work they were doing and within two hours the pool is clean and clear.

This pool vacuum has two brushes that means it is more efficient than the Dolphin Nautilus cc and can clean the floor and some parts of the wall very well. It has the filter cartridges that are there to capture the debris. There are two types of cartridges that come with it, one for the small and one for the large debris.

The Nautilus cc plus might not be that lightweight as the Nautilus cc is but still, it is the most lightweight vacuum cleaners in the market. It gives you the comfort to move it from one place to another place very easily. It has 60ft long cord that will not tangle because it has tangle-free anti-swivel technology.

  • It has two cleaning brushes for more efficient cleaning
  • It has big cartridge filters to pick up the debris
  • It is featuring the tangle-free swivel technology
  • It has 60ft long cord
  • Expensive




Design-wise both the vacuums are very good the Nautilus cc is for the persons that have a small swimming pool and limited space while the Nautilus cc plus is for the people that have big swimming pools. So, both are good but it depends on your pool which one is best for you.


The Nautilus cc is the lightweight vacuum as compared to the Nautilus cc plus because the weight of the Nautilus cc is 13 pounds while on the other hand, the weight of Nautilus cc is 16 pounds. So, if weight is your concern then Nautilus cc is the best option for you.


Both vacuum cleaners are same on the most of the points and both are good as well but when we judge these vacuum cleaners on the basis of performance then we have the clear winner and that is Dolphin nautilus cc plus because it has two brushes, and featuring tangle-free swivel technology.

It has also some larger filters that allow you to pick up big debris and clean the floor and walls of the pool so, the Nautilus cc plus is the clear winner because of the performance as compared to the Nautilus cc plus


Both vacuum cleaners are all most the same and the difference between these two is the budget. The Nautilus cc is a bit cheaper than the Nautilus cc plus but there are some features that are present in the Nautilus like the tangle-free swivel technology and double brushes.

If the budget is your concern then go for the Nautilus cc otherwise Nautilus cc plus but if you have an In-ground pool that is under 33 ft then you should go for the Nautilus cc and if your pool is bigger than the 33ft and less than 50ft then you should go for the Nautilus cc plus.

So, we can say that both vacuum cleaners are good but you need to find someone that is best for your needs.


Which dolphin pool cleaner is the best?
These are the three best Dolphin pool vacuum cleaners in the market • Dolphin Nautilus Automatic vacuum • Dolphin Premier Robotic vacuum • Dolphin Oasis Robotic vacuum These are some of the best dolphin vacuum cleaners.
What is the most reliable robotic pool cleaner?
If we talk about the most reliable robotic vacuum cleaner then that would be the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus because it has two brushes and tangle-free swivel technology that made the cleaning of your pool more easy and comfortable.
How does the dolphin Nautilus work?
The Dolphin Nautilus is one of the most popular robotic pool’s cleaner and robotic pool vacuum cleaners are very easy to manage. You just need to plug them in the energy source and then leave them in the pool and they will clean the whole pool within the hours.
What is the best vacuum for an inground pool?
The best robotic vacuum cleaner is the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner because it has the capability to clean the inground pool of 50ft within two hours and cleaning is not very hectic you just need to plug in the vacuum and then it will clean your pool and this is the best available vacuum for an inground pool.


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