Dolphin m400 Pool Cleaner – Review and Buyer’s Guide 2021

Utilizing a pool and keeping it up are two distinct things; they lie on the two poles. Everybody wants to spend the long, rankling summer evenings in the pool, yet with regards to pool cleaning, everything changes; and honestly, individuals run from pool support for some genuine reasons.

From keeping up the chlorine levels to clearing leaves and other surface trash and afterward ensuring the floor, waterline, and dividers of the pool stay perfect and liberated from disgusting green growth developments—you absolutely require a ton of time and energy. Doing all of this by hand requires an entire day. You additionally need to factor in the broad utilization of the pool in pinnacle summer when it must be cleaned all other weeks.

If you are using the same conventional way of cleaning the pool then you are at the right place. In this dynamic era, you don’t have to use those conventional ways of pool cleaning. Maytronics, an emerging name in the field of tech has brought pool cleaner machines to the market. These tools are no doubt extra efficient and come at a very reasonable price.

Dolphin m400 Specifications

Working Cycle2.5 hours
Cord Length18 meters
Weight11 kg
Brushestriple action brushes
Filtrationdual filtration
Suction17m3 per hour
Motor voltage24 VDC
Power supplydigital
Pool size15 meter
Coverage  walls, ground, and waterline


Filtration System

Dolphin m400 Pool Cleaner is equipped with a dual filtration system.  It will clean every inch of your pool without any manual assistance.  It has the ability to clean small and large dirt particles as well and leaves your pool much shiny and clean. It provides three types of cleaning options i.e. ultrafine, disposable ultrafine, and coarse filter bags.

Long Cable

Dolphin m400 Pool Cleaner is a perfect choice for a mid-size pool. It has an 18-meter long cord so your electric switch doesn’t have to be extra near to the pool. The cord is tangle-free and assists in random motions of the pool cleaner. A long cable does not hinder the activities of the robot.

Triple action Brush

Its triple-action brush is very efficient. It cleans the pool and makes sure that not even a minute of dirt is there. It scrubs the floor and walls of the pool very effectively.


Dolphin m400 Pool Cleaner has sensors to detect dirt and debris. It is equipped with clever- clean coverage and gyro. You can weekly schedule the cleaning process and can control it from your phone.

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Climate Care Certification

It is the Australian first ever powerful robotic pool cleaner that is awarded a climate care certificate.  It will save your electricity and water bills and saves your time with better filtration.

Dual Motor

It has a dual motor that is very helpful in the powerful cleaning of the pool. It cleans the pool walls also due to the dual motor. It runs on a 230v power supply.


Dolphin m400 Pool Cleaner has a one-way water valve that does not allow debris or dirt to escape and also make sure the water drainage with the flow.

Work Cycle

It has a working cycle of almost 2.5 hours and includes cleaning of both the walls and the ground of the pool. It automatically stops after completing the working cycle.


It is also provided with the Caddy that makes pool cleaner handling and storage easy.


The unit is protected to IP 64 norms. The siphon conveys an awesome stream pace of 17m3 (3524 gph), to take the garbage off the pool floor.


It has a warranty of 36 months meanwhile if the machine has some problem; you can call the service Centre for help.


It has 11 kg weight and you can easily carry pool cleaner in and out.

  • It can easily clean the floor walls.
  • It is very efficient in cleaning pool debris.
  • It is an easily accessible and very effective infiltration process.
  • It automatically shuts down.
  • SmartNav system
  • It is a bit difficult to control it through android.
  • It usually gets heavy after usage.
  • Complex controlling system.


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Buyer’s Guide

If you want to buy a robotic pool cleaner then must explore these features in any pool cleaner. Let’s have a look at it.

Smart Navigation System

Smart Navigation is an important feature in any pool cleaner because it works on its own once connected to the electricity so you don’t have to bother to operate it or direct it. It is a smart system that provides you comfort and you will feel much relaxed in terms of washing your pool.

Tangle-Free cable

Most of the robotic pool cleaners have sensors to detect dirt and debris that tend to move a pool cleaner in a random manner. So make sure to buy a pool cleaner having a long cable that will not tangle easily. Otherwise, it will cause tenderness in the pool cleaning process.


There are many robotic pool cleaners in the market that are good to wash or clean the ground of the pool. But cleaning of walls is also important. Please make sure while buying a robotic pool cleaner that it will clean the walls also by moving vertically otherwise it will not worth buying an expensive pool cleaner.

Filtration System

Pool cleaner must have an efficient filtration system so that it will not leave even very minute size dirt in your pool.  Dolphin m400 Pool cleaner is equipped with a dual filtration system so it will clean even very fine dirt leaving your pool very clean and shiny.

Timer settings

Timer setting saves your time a lot, which means that you don’t have to be there while your robot is cleaning the pool. You simply set the timer and your pool cleaner will work on its own without any assistance. It will make you much relaxed. Try to choose a pool cleaner with having timer system in it.

Final Thoughts

As it is obvious, Dolphin m400 Pool Cleaner just has 2 minor issues, yet I don’t consider these to be a big problem. Thus, presently comprehend why I discover this item astounding. Not just that Dolphin M400 gives proficient and viable results, however, the gadget likewise causes you to save significantly more. It is one of only a handful few pool cleaners that are intended for seashore section pools.

Without any doubt, Maytronics is playing a game-changing role with new machines that oblige current pools. Maytronics is venturing up its game with the advanced utilization of the My Dolphin application that can undoubtedly get to this cleaner through your iOS or Android. It additionally has a triple-brush activity that is multiple times more effective than the standard cleaner. There are so many things that we can tell about Dolphin M400. Eventually, it’s up for you to choose. Get this ground-breaking aid, this will help you ensure that you are getting the vast majority of your pool, and you will love it.

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Is pool cleaner has a Detachable Filter?
Yes, the Dolphin m400 Pool Cleaner has a detachable filter. You can remove and clean it after its usage. You have to change it after every 6 months, depending on its usage.
Does the remote controller come with the Dolphin m400 pool cleaner?
No, a remote controller does not come with the pool cleaner; you have to purchase it separately. Otherwise, you can control it with the mobile app.
What is the exact working cycle of a pool cleaner?
According to the manufacturer’s claim, the cleaning cycle of the Dolphin m400 Pool Cleaner is 2.5 hours but it depends more on the amount of dirt on the pool.

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