Dolphin Escape Above Ground Pool Cleaner – Is it Best?

The Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner has many features at a very reasonable price. It is a very efficient machine and perfect for pool cleaning having a large debris container. Pool cleaning is a very important task but at the same time, it is really a difficult and pain taking task.

This machine is the epitome of this industry with innovative and latest features. Its ‘’hyper grip’’ track is the replacement of four wheels for the better working of a machine. Its weight is almost 14 pounds.

There are many automatic pool cleaning robots in the market but this one is very affordable and has all the high-quality features.


Super-fine Filtration

This is an amazing feature of this machine. You will observe that it automatically cleans the pool ground. It automatically filters all kinds of debris and trash including algae, leaves, and other trash. It has one more advantage of having a large size debris container so you don’t need to empty it more often. All you get is a super-fine filtration and a clean pool.

Scrubbing by HyperBrush

This Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner has a HyberBrush attached to it. Its main function is to detach the stubborn contamination or debris from the pool ground. Its brush moves much faster than the other expensive pool cleaners. You can easily scrub all the dirt from the pool.

HyperGrip Tracks

Formerly, pool cleaning robots and machines have wheels with them that cause the slipping on the surface of the pool. But this hyper grip technology is a revolution. The track has a firm grip on the ground and makes sure that no place on the ground is left contaminated.

SmartNav Technology

SmartNav technology of this machine is also commendable as it has scanners that scan the dirt on the surface. Earlier robots didn’t have scanners so they move aimlessly on the whole surface but this tool has a built-in scanner that ensures the cleaning of every inch of the pool. It will not wander aimlessly on the cleaned surface again and again. It simply tracks the dirt and cleans it.

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Its design is really erotic. Escape Pool Cleaner is highly water-resistant that tends to ensure its working and efficiency. It is much lightweight than other robots and carries a large amount of dirt. This escape cleaner tool makes sure that the pool is perfectly cleaned.


It is an automated cleaner that cultivated an intensive and proficient clean with less energy. With double 24-volt DC engines driving the Escape around the pool, the robot utilizes just 180watts, or practically 90% not exactly customary cleaners who can utilize around 1800watts. This overall influence and effectiveness guarantee you outwit the two universes each time you clean.

Large Debris Container

It has an extra-large size container for debris. You can lift it easily by opening the top-lid. At such an affordable price you will not find this larger container anywhere.


It comes with a two-year warranty and trusts me it will give you much peace of mind. You will be much carefree by using this tool as you know that it will clean every inch of your pool. You will feel much relaxed seeing a much cleaner pool.


There are a couple of activities with regards to keeping up this pool clean. Its cartridge is the principal center that must be the focus after each utilization.

At the end of the day, you’d need to purge it each time you’re finished with utilizing the pool cleaner, or a couple of times during the interaction. The recurrence relies generally upon how much soil and debris there is.

For cleaning brushes, you can generally set aside some effort to clean them if there’s any gunk adhered to them.


The Dolphin Escape automated pool cleaner itself isn’t excessively uproarious, so you likely will wouldn’t fret running it whenever of the day. You can hear it working; however, the commotion is endurable and will not disturb your family.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you use it while the pool is loaded up with water, the water will go about and will absorb the noise. For this situation, you most likely will not hear it except if you’re standing right close to it.

Cordless or Cord

Dolphin Escape over the ground pool cleaner is a corded unit that accompanies 40ft of link. Hence, it’s not suggested for pools bigger than 32 feet.

It may appear to be somewhat convoluted to utilize a corded cleaner for your pool, yet this one is fairly basic. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have a knot-free turn, it’s impossible that it will tangle because of the SmartNav work.

About this Product

  • Brand: Dolphin
  • Model name: FBA-Maytronics
  • Suction Rate: 4000 GPH
  • Number of motors: 2
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Its cleaning cycle comprises 1.5 hours
  • It can be used only for above-ground pool
  • Its weight is almost 14 pounds
  • It has a Dual 24-Volt DC motor
  • 2 years warranty with a 1-month money-back guarantee

Dolphin Escape Above Ground Pool Pros&Cons


  • The tank-like tracks permit this pool cleaner to explore dirt over the ground pool surfaces, for example, plastic or leaves under the pool base. Moreover, it will not slip. The track can also be used on vinyl pool bottoms.
  • It can practically clean any over the ground pool surface in 90 minutes or less. The “Hyper-Brush” rapidly gets garbage without harming the surface of the ground pool liner.
  • It runs on a 24 volts motor. The maker portrays it as “plug and go” since you needn’t bother with an extra energy supply.
  • The long forty-foot cable allows you to utilize most open-air outlets without being much close to the current supply or electrical switch. Furthermore, the rope seldom tangles.
  • It is much lightweight and anyone can carry it into and out of the pool. It has an underlying convey handle for this careful reason. What’s more, the fast water discharge valve permits you to dump all the water in the framework so that you’re just lifting the ten-pound gadget.
  • The large container captures huge trash, little garbage, and even green growth. It doesn’t take out the requirement for cleaning the pool totally, however, an easy tip of this is to first scrub the algae and then use this pool cleaner tool so that it will capture most of the dirt. Its huge container implies you don’t need to purge the container except if you just pulled a great deal of green growth and trash out this pass.
  • It has a nice route and examining so it covers the whole lower part of the pool. It will not simply move aimlessly like an early Roomba model.


  • Its only main draw-back is that it does not climb up the pool stairs. So, you will have to do the brushing and scrubbing with your hands.
  • It is not a remote-control device so; it works with its SmartNav technology to detect dirt and debris.

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Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner has really proved to be a game-changer in the market. It is really affordable and convenient to use. It comes with a large container having a lid opening, making the debris and dirt removal task much easier. It has all the high-quality features yet price-wise it is very cheap as compared to other robot pool cleaners.

It works on SmartNav technology and detects the dirt with its scanner, without wasting time and wandering on the same area it cleans every inch of the pool efficiently. Moreover, it comes with a 2 years warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee.

If you have a pool not more than 32 feet you can definitely go for it, it will be worth buying. It is easy to handle and anyone can carry it in and out of the pool. It has a long cord that can connect to the electric supply switchboard.

It has all the interesting and efficient features that you want for your pool.


Is Dolphin Escape above Ground Clean Pool is for you?
It depends on your needs and pool requirements, if your pool is not more than 32 feet, you can go for it definitely. It is one of the best pool cleaners in the market. Its only draw-back is that it doesn’t clean up the stairs of the pools. But definitely have a good vacuum to clean much debris.
Are Robotic cleaners good enough?
Yes, robotic cleaners are much efficient and clean almost all kinds of dirt and debris. So you can buy it as cleaning without using any machine is really a tiresome and challenging task.
Is leaving Pool cleaner in the pool is safe?
Yes, you can leave the pool cleaner in the pool. But I will not recommend it as the chlorine and other environmental factors can have a damaging effect on these cleaners.
How can I store my pool cleaner?
Cover it and place it upside down under shelter. Keep it away from rain, frost, or direct sunlight

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