Top 10 Best Pool Deck Paint 2021 – Review and Buying Guide

If you have a pool with a deck, you can relate to stains and dirt problems. The pool deck can make or break the look of your pool. The pool deck full of stains and dirt will destroy the look of your pool.

You will not invite your friends to your pool to have a good time because it will destroy your impact. There is a solution to this problem. If you paint your pool’s deck after some months, then. It will look fresh and attractive.


Before selecting the best paint for your pool deck, you should know what types of deck paint are in the market. So you’ll know which one is suitable for you.

Three types of paint are for the pool decks.

  • Water-based acrylic paints
  • premium acrylic paints
  • Epoxy pool deck paints

Water-Based acrylic paints

The water is the vital particular of the acrylic paints; that why it takes less time to dry in bright sunny days. It took 2 to 3 days to dry it may take some time in the indoor pool deck because when the paint’s water becomes vapors, the paint will be dry.

If you are new to pools and know nothing about paints, this one is best for you. These paints are the most budget options in the industry. If you live in very extreme weather conditions, then these are suitable for you.

This water-based acrylic would be your deck’s partner for at least 2 to 3 years, and after that, you need to do it again.

Premium Acrylic Deck Paints

If you want to give your pool deck a glossy look, then this one is for you. This deck pool will take 3 to 4 days in your outdoor pools, and indoors, it can take 7 to 8 days.

If you are a person who wants to paint your pool deck after every 3 to 4 years, then these premium acrylic deck paints are for you. This paint will stick to your pool deck for 3 to 4 years.

If your pool deck is damaged or broken, then you can’t hide it with these kinds of paints.

Solvent-Based pool paints

If you are looking to give a sharper look to your pool deck, this one is best. The solvent-based paint is also known as Epoxy pool paints.

They last for at least 6 to 7 years with your pool deck, primarily known for their lasting longer capability.

This paint is suitable for surfaces that are not painted yet or that have epoxy paint. And it takes a long time to dry more than all types of paints.

If you have outdoor pools, this paint will dry in 7 to 8 days, and if indoor, then it takes 14 to 15 days to dry with proper ventilation.

To maintain your pool deck’s freshness, we have collected the ten best pool deck paints in the market that will help you in giving your pool a new and fresh look.

AdCoat Swimming Pool Paint

FeaturesAdCoat Swimming Pool Paint

This color is a mixture of two types of paint, water-based acrylic acid and epoxy pool paint, which creates a stronger bond between the paint and surface. It is best for concrete, fiberglass, plaster, and gunite surfaces.

We can use it in commercial as well as residential pools. We can additionally use this paint on the stairs, pumps, and fountains. It comes in one-gallon packaging, and this can paint the area of 300sq ft so you can buy the quantity according to the measurements of your pool’s deck.

The only two primary colors, White and Blue, are available, but they have a customized option that if you need more than 15 gallons, then you can order any specific color of your choice.

It will take three days to dry completely; after that, you can use your pool.


  • Brand: AdCoat Industries
  • Type: Water-based acrylic and epoxy paint mixed
  • Color: White and blue
  • Area coverage: 300sq ft per Gallon
  • Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 on Amazon
  • Best for concrete and gunite surfaces
  • Creates great strong bonding with the surface
  • Long-lasting
  • It doesn’t fade away in severe weather conditions.
  • Fresh and salty water best for both water use.
  • Not suitable for fiberglass and plaster.
  • Maybe chalky after six moths


TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paint

FeaturesTotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paint

It comes with a 100% UV protection coating. It is very easy to clean doesn’t peel off in scrubbing and cleaning. Its rubberized and high traction texture provides a firm grip footing.

It is best for fiberglass and wooden decks and does matter if the surface is previously painted or not. If the surface is previously painted, then two coats will enhance the look.

It comes in two packages, Quarts, and gallons. It paints 250 sq ft to 300 sq ft of your deck. This paint is advertised as the non-slip paint to use it on many surfaces like hatches, cabin, docks, and other surfaces that require a firm grip.

It comes in four colors white, sand beige, light grey, and Kingston grey. It will work perfectly with one coat, but if you want more grip, you can go with the second, and it’s a very comfortable grip for your feet.

So this will provide a 100% slip-free deck floor for everyone with a zero percentage of falling injuries for you and your family members.


  • Brand: TotalBoat
  • Type: N/A
  • Color: Four colors, white, sand beige, light grey, and Kingston grey, are available.
  • Area coverage: 250 to 350 sq ft
  • Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable underfoot grip.
  • Dries Quickly
  • UV resistant coatings
  • Easy to apply with brush and roller
  • Not abrasive
  • Not glossy
  • Maybe slippery until it dries completely.

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KILZ Over Armor Smooth Wood/Concrete Coating

FeaturesKILZ Over Armor Smooth Wood/Concrete Coating

If you have an old pool deck with wooden or concrete flooring, then this one is for you. It will transform your old pool deck with a new look and hide all the imperfections and damages.

It is suitable for the pool decks, boat docks, and concrete railings. If your old pool deck is broken, this paint’s coating can hide 1/4 inches cracks and give a smooth finish to your deck.

This paint’s two coats are required, but we recommend you three coats for a premium quality finish and wait 6 hours after every coat. The surface must be clean from dirt and dry before applying the paint. It will take 72 hours to dry completely.

This paint is not suitable for garages or driveways. It comes in one Gallon can and cover an area of 75sq ft per Gallon. It can be easily clean, and the paint does not peel off while cleaning,

The KILZ is a premium level and a well-known brand in terms of paints; they have a history of 40 years. Harris Poll EquiTrend named Kilz”paint brand of the year 2015″ in the rankings.


  • Brand: Kilz
  • Type: Oil, Acrylic
  • Color: Redwood
  • Area coverage: 75sq ft per Gallon
  • Ratings: 3.7 out of 5 on Amazon
  • Best for wooden deck
  • Hide cracks very well
  • Transform
  • Non-slip in wet
  • long-lasting
  • You can easily clean it with water.
  • Resists peeling
  • Premium brand
  • Low area coverage
  • Not for driveways and garage


INSL-X SU031009A-01 Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip

FeaturesINSL-X SU031009A-01 Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip

If you like to invite your friend and family members for pool parties and hangups, this one is suitable for you comes with an anti-slip technology that provides strong and grip footing.

This paint is the best suitable for high traffic places like the tennis courts, ladders, and walkways. Most people find Non-slip technology beneficial.

It is mostly for the floors, but it works well with the ladders too.

It works well with the previously painted surfaces, but you have to do some additional steps before applying it. You have to clean the whole area by washing or use the scraper to remove all the dirt and previous paint.

The manufacturer recommends to wash the whole surface with the bleach solution and scrape all the dirt with a wire brush that will surely remove all the dirt and pigments of the previous paint. This paint covers the area of 80 to 120 gallons.


  • Brand: INSL-X
  • Type: Acrylic
  • Color: Six colors are available
  • Area coverage: 80 to 120sq ft per Gallon
  • Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon
  • Anti-slip technology
  • Best for pool deck
  • Suitable for previously painted surfaces
  • Good on concrete and metal stairs
  • Six colors
  • Expensive
  • Low area coverage


Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck and Dock Coating

Liquid Rubber Cool Foot Deck and Dock CoatingFeatures

It is one of the best pool deck paints on the market. It Reduces heat transfer up to 35%, which is enormous compared to the other paints in the market. This paint is also UV resistant, which means that the sun rays would not fade it, and we can enjoy it for a more extended period.

It is effortless to apply; you need a roller or brush to apply this paint. Open it and start painting and if you have other things to do close the container, you can do this later; it won’t dry like other paints.

They have a variety of colors to choose from according to your personal preference. It is not just suitable for the pool decks, but you can also use it on stairs, benches, concrete floors, etc

It covers 40sq ft in one Gallon, and we recommend applying 3 to 4 coats for better performance and Apply it with a break of 6 to 8 hours.

It usually takes 24 to 48 hours to dry completely, but it depends on your area’s weather. If the weather is cold, it will take more time, and if the weather is hot, it will dry in less time.


  • Brand: Liquid Rubber USA
  • Type: Acrylic
  • Color: multiple colors are available
  • Area coverage: 40sq ft per Gallon
  • Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon
  • UV resistant
  • You can apply it yourself
  • Best for the pool deck, concrete benches, and stairs
  • It reduces the heat transfer more than any other paint
  • Eco-friendly
  • Premium level support
  • The color was not the same as shown on the container
  • 3 to 4 coats needed, so not budget-friendly.


In The Swim Patio and Deck Paint

FeaturesIn The Swim Patio and Deck Paint

It is the best paint for the wooden and concrete deck. If you plan to apply it to the wooden deck, you must apply an oil primer to apply the paint easily. It is a water-based acrylic type of paint that dries quickly.

The paint should apply on a slightly wet surface. If you are applying paint on the smooth skin, it will be through a 1/2″ roller, and if the surface is hard, then apply paint with 3/4 inches roller.

We recommend two coats of this paint. After applying the first coat, take a break of 3 to 4 hours and then apply the second coat. It will take 24 to 48 hours to dry completely and to start for traffic on it.

This paint covers the 90 to 125sq ft area of the surface, so make sure to do your calculations before buying it. And some necessary preparations are needed before applying the paint.

Clean and wash the surface to remove the dirt and debris.

Then scrub the whole surface with the solution of tri-sodium phosphate 10%. It will remove all the contaminants from the surface, and the applying will be smooth.


  • Brand: In the Swim
  • Type: Water-based Acrylic
  • Color: Seven colors are available
  • Area coverage: 90sq ft to 125sq ft per Gallon
  • Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon
  • Best for wooden and concrete pool decks.
  • Non-skid surface
  • Transform your pool into new
  • Very easy to clean
  • Good quality with a lovely texture
  • Limited color options

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Rust-Oleum 206999 Marine Topside Paint

FeaturesRust-Oleum 206999 Marine Topside Paint

It is the best for the glass fiber and metal that are above the water. You can give a completely new look with this to your pool deck. It is an oil-based paint that is very easy to apply.

It is the quickest paint on the market. It dries just in 2 to 3 hours because of its oil-based formula. The paint provides long-lasting protection you fiberglass and metal surfaces.

This paint is made of alkyd, making it suitable for extreme weather conditions and stops the paint’s peeling and cracking. It creates a powerful bond that does not allow the paint to peel off.

This paint is not suitable for wooden surfaces. If you are looking to apply it on the wooden surfaces, then go for any other paint. This paint is based on the oil formula, which may not be suitable for long-term exposure of Sun.


  • Brand: Rust-Oleum
  • Type: Oil-based paint
  • Color: Nine colors are available
  • Area coverage: 100 sq ft per quart
  • Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon
  • Suitable for concrete and metal surfaces.
  • Easy to apply- Do it yourself
  • Quickest drying paint
  • Glossy finish
  • For multiple uses
  • Not for wooden surfaces
  • It is not anti-skid


KILZ L573611 Interior/Exterior

FeaturesKILZ L573611 Interior/Exterio

This paint is best for wooden or concrete decks, basements, furniture, and sidings. And this paint is not suitable for the surfaces that have vehicles driving. It offers a low enamel surface that makes it ideal for extreme weather conditions.

This paint comes with a mildew-resistant technology that is certified by the US EPA. This technology makes a shield on the surface and stops the growth of algae and microbes that are not good for human health.

It covers the area of 200 to 400sq ft in one Gallon according to your surface. You can easily apply it through the brush, roller, or spray. You have to do two coats for a better look and take a break of 3 to 4 hours after the first coat. It will dry in 2 hours but don’t allow traffic for 72 hours.

The strange thing about this paint is that it may be slippery when it is wet, so use it with care on rainy days. This paint comes in two shades of grey silver grey and slate grey.


  • Brand: Kilz
  • Type: Acrylic
  • Color: Two shades of grey color is available
  • Area coverage: 200-400sq ft
  • Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon
  • Touch dry with in the hour
  • For multiple things
  • Best for wooden and concrete surfaces
  • It features mildew-resistant
  • Low luster finish
  • It May be slippery when wet.


Liquid Rubber Color Waterproof Sealant

Liquid Rubber Color Waterproof Sealant
Liquid Rubber Color Waterproof Sealant


It covers the area of 30sq ft in one Gallon. If you want to build a layer of 0.76mm, you have to do 3 to 4 heavy coats, and if you are looking to build a 2mm layer, it requires 4 to 5 heavy coats.

This paint does not contain VOCs or harmful solvent; that’s why it is not bad for humans, and pets do not cause breathing problems. It is very easy to apply the paint; you can apply it through brushes, rollers, and spraying methods.

It comes with liquid rubber-sealed tape or Geotextile technology that gives your pool deck bulletproof protection after drying. Now the worries about destroying your full hard work are gone.


  • Brand: Liquid Rubber USA
  • Type: Water-Based Acrylic
  • Color: Eight colors are available
  • Area coverage: 30sq ft
  • Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon
  • Not harmful for humans and pets
  • It does not contain VOCs or toxic elements.
  • Bulletproof protection
  • Flexible
  • Best for indoor and outdoor use
  • DIY project
  • Low area coverage
  • Not suitable for inside pool use.


RTG Supply Co. Deck, Porch, Patio Anti-Slip Paint

FeaturesRTG Supply Co. Deck, Porch, Patio Anti-Slip Paint

This paint can use for decks, patios, ladders, ramps, and much more. It has a strong anti-slip coating, which is for your secure footings. It is a tremendous textured paint that gives a modern look to your pool.

If you are painting on a smooth surface, use the 1/4″ and 3/4″ brush or foam, but if you are painting the rough surfaces, then go with 1/2″ or 3/4″ foam and brush.

It is a UV protected formula that means paint avoids the sun rays and doesn’t fade away in extreme conditions. This polyurethane formula makes sure that the paint holds on long in extreme weather conditions.

It is an eco-friendly paint that consists of low VOCs and harmful pigments. You can clean it easily or wash it with soap; the paint will not peel off. There are four neutral colors available White, Light-grey, Sand, and Amber. It comes in the packing of the quart, and it covers 80 to 100sq area.


  • Brand: Jamestown Distributors
  • Type: polyurethane formula
  • Color: Four neutral colors are available
  • Area coverage: 80 to 100sq
  • Ratings: 4.0out of 5 on Amazon
  • Eco-friendly
  • UV protected
  • Low amount of VOCs
  • Easy cleaning
  • Anti-slip coatings
  • Four neutral colors
  • DIY
  • It doesn’t last long
  • limited options in colors

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Buyer’s Guide

Now you know all the features, specifications, pros, and cons of the top 10 best deck pool paints in the market, Now we have compiled a buyer’s guide for you that what things you should consider before buying the pool deck paint

Types of Deck Surface

There are many types of deck surfaces, but most surfaces are made with concrete and wood. It is vital to consider buying the pool deck paints directly related to the pool’s working.

The above mentioned most of the paints are compatible with these two types of pool decks. If your pool deck’s surface is some other kind, you should research finding suitable and compatible paint for it.

Deck Condition

It is another most essential thing to consider while buying the paint for your pool deck. If your deck’s condition is really bad, you should go for those who can transform your deck’s look and those which have some great texture.

But if your pool’s deck is smooth and you want to refresh it, you can go with any of the paints mentioned above; nothing specific is needed for your deck; everything will be suitable for it.

Hide Cracks

If your deck’s situation is terrible and looks destroyed, and has cracks from many places, you should go with paints with a great thick texture.

Many paints in the market can conceal the breakouts with their thick texture. They hide all the cracks like they were never there.


Many paints cover 200 to 400sq ft area in one Gallon, and there are many which cover just 75sq ft in one Gallon. If you knew about the paint’s coverage, you could decide smartly how much paint will consume in your pool’s deck.

It is the formula that will help you in finding out that how many gallons are required for your surface.

Mildew Resistant

It is another significant feature to consider while buying the oil paint for your deck. It is the certification that is issued by US EPA. It is the technology that makes a thick layer to prevent the harmful microbes and growth of algae. The microbicidal is mix with the paint at the time of manufacturing


The color is the first impact for a person that looks at the pool. Most of the people don’t care about the quality, but they go for the look. Color plays a vital role in the overall look of the pool.

So, the selection of color can according to personal taste or match your home’s design. But all pools don’t have many color options available to choose from; some of the paints mentioned above have good color options. You can check them if you can get your selected paint from them.

But the first thing is to select the paint that you want for your pool’s deck. You should know that the color chart colors can be slightly different from your selected ones.


Price did not determine the quality of the products. Most of the time, cheap products deliver good quality, and in many cases, expensive products work too. So the thing is that price may be an essential factor in your buying process, but it is not the only thing.

It would be best if you did some good research, read reviews about the product, talk to the professionals, read their reviews, decide which one is best for you, not based on price.


The pool deck is where you spend time with your family and friends in summer, and if that place does not give a positive vibe, you will also not give positive.

According to the research, the pool deck is your first impression of your home to a person, so make sure to spend wisely on it.

Your one mistake will ruin your impact in someone’s eyes, so carefully select the best paint according to your deck’s surface from the best paints mentioned above.

Q: Is there any benefits of painting your pool deck?
Ans: Yes! There are many benefits of painting your pool deck. The first benefit is that it makes your house more attractive. The second benefit is that it is affordable to paint your pool deck and give it a new look instead of installing a new deck for your pool. The third benefit is that you can spend quality time with your family on the pool-side. A clean pool deck will give positive vibes from your home and you, too, instead of the dirty and cracked pool deck.
Q: How to prepare your pool deck for paint?
Ans: The first step is to clean the whole surface of the deck. Then use the iron wires or scraper to scrape all the dirt, debris, contaminants, and previous paint pigments. Wash the whole deck with water or with the bleach solution to remove all the remaining particles, dirt, and debris removed utterly. So, now your pool is 100% free from previous pigments, and it is ready to gain a new look.
Q: How much does it cost to pool a paint?
Ans: No one can give the exact answer to this question because the different factors determine it. What is the size of your pool? What kind of surface does it have? Which paint you choose for your deck, and what is the cost of that paint? What is the area coverage of your selected paint? And how many coats would be enough? So the sum of all these answers will be your exact answer. But according to a blogging website, home depot, the average cost of painting your pool is 2$ to 5$ per sq ft, or you can say 1000$ to 1200$ per project. You can estimate the cost of these numbers.
Q: Can I paint the damaged pool deck?
Ans: yes, of course! You can paint the pool deck if the deck is damaged only, and the overall condition is stable and can bear high traffic weight. Then painting will make it look new, and there is no need to install a new deck, but if the case is different, then the deck is no stable and cannot bear the weights, then painting will not be the solution to your problem. So, it depends on the condition of your pool deck.
Q: What is the best color to paint a pool deck?
Ans: The pool deck’s color selection is mainly made on your home interior designer’s suggestions. The designer is responsible for the interior design of your home. He/she might better know that what color will make your home more attractive and which will overshadow it. So, we leave this decision to the designer, but if you ask me, I’ll say that light grey or slate grey is the color that will look best with the blue pool.

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