Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes - from the usual rectangular designs that we have grown accustomed to, to much more funky designs such as leaves and sometimes even hearts!

However, one thing is for sure, a swimming pool is definitely a dream come true for many, young and old alike; so dive in and make sure all your swimming pool needs are well taken care of with Professional Swimming Pools and our expert team.

The Miami sunshine and lifestyle calls for people to own a pool or at least be in close proximity to one. However, owning a pool is not that straightforward. There are many things you should consider, and there are many factors that always have to be paid attention to.

Commercial Professional Swimming Pools Designs

If you own or administrate over a spa, health club or a gym you would understand that a pool is essential to maintaining a certain level of amenities in your establishment.

We also understand your needs. Compared to residential pools, commercial pools require a whole different level of design and construction and our specialists at Professional Swimming Pools are ready to cater to your every commercial need.

We do not only limit ourselves to the construction of your designs as we also cater to the maintenance of your commercial swimming pools. Be it standard cleaning services and the calibration of your equipment, we have got you covered.


Professional Swimming Pools Cleaning and Maintenance Services

One of the biggest problems facing pool owners, commercial and private, is maintenance. According to numerous studies by scientists and doctors alike, an unkempt swimming pool can be a host to various illnesses. Whilst some can just be simple infections, others can really pose a health risk to you and your family, and your clientele.

The cleanliness and maintenance of a pool should not always be left to your in-house staff. You need professional swimming pool specialists that are highly experienced in maintaining the cleanliness, sanitation and overall welfare of the pool.

Professional Swimming Pools cleaning and maintenance service ranges from the calibration of pump systems and filters, the balancing of chemicals essential in preserving the hygienic standards of the pool, and salt system maintenance.

Of course, we offer the usual cleaning services to the pool’s surface and the water itself. This includes green pool restorations and heavy general cleaning. We also do specified surface cleaning with pool surface brushing, vacuuming, and netting.

Professional cleaning and maintenance services are absolutely essential in maintaining the sanitary standards for you and your family, especially if you have little kids that frequent your pool.

Professional Swimming Pools Renovations and Redesigns

There are a lot of pools in Miami and surely you probably have access to one. Or maybe, you already own one in your backyard, but the harsh Miami sun has already made the pool less aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t fret as we offer a wide array of reconstruction and renovation services. We can turn your old pool into a new pool in less than no time at all. We can upgrade your current fixtures to take advantage of new technology, install a swimming pool heater just in case you want to take advantage of cool summer nights and of course resurface the entirety of the pool.

If you cannot wrap your head around the seemingly daunting task of having a pool built. Talk to the experts today, we can provide you with a quote and send our few experts to your location to find out what solution is best for you.


Do not hesitate to contact Professional Swimming Pools for all your swimming pool construction, renovation, services, and maintenance needs. We make sure you get world-class quality at the most affordable rates because we truly understand what our clients really need. Contact us today!